Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Day - The Aftermath

We had a lovely Christmas Day and enjoyed the company of our guests.  We received some lovely gifts.  Our guests are now on their way home and we are spending the rest of the day doing exactly what we feel like doing when we feel like doing it, which is just lovely. 

The Christmas dinner came together well.  It is the first time I have cooked one for guests, so I was very pleased.  We had a relaxing day save for the poor puppy being taken ill again and I spent last night nursing her, so today I am a bit of a mess and will be returning to bed at some point to get some sleep.  She had a very bad night.  She's drinking now though and sleeping soundly, so I'm hoping that she is recovering slowly.

We have heaps of food left.  I've not really honed my Christmas food shopping skills, through lack of practice really, as we usually travel to stay with others.  I'm sure it will all get eaten eventually.  We are eating exactly what we want, when we want today.  I am not cooking.  I'm having a day off.

This afternoon I've caught up on two episodes of Nashville which was sheer bliss.  As I speak OH is charging my new Smartphone, a present from him.   I will now be able to blog read on the go which is a thoroughly exciting prospect.  I have my new headphones to listen to music on my phone, enough chocolates to last well into January and lots of great books to get stuck into at some point.  Don't you just love Christmas!

I hope everyone out there also had a wonderful Christmas Day, spending time with their nearest and dearest. 


  1. Well done on cooking Christmas dinner for guests.
    We are doing a " mini roast leftovers "

    1. It's ridiculous really at my age to be cooking it for guests for the first time. I guess that's just how it has worked out over the years.

    2. I did my first big Christmas dinner only a few years ago !