Friday, 27 December 2013

£100 Per Year Beauty Challenge - Month 6

It's now the end of month six on this challenge, instigated by El on A Thrifty Mrs blog, to spend only £100 in a year on beauty products.  To aide me in this challenge, as allowed in the conditions set out by El,  I have aimed to utilise items I have in a rather large and cumbersome stash that I had accumulated and was taking up far too much space cluttering up my bedroom and bathroom, before buying any extra products, which I have been doing as far as possible.

This last month has been a pretty straightforward one.  I had a few different things to buy at the beginning of the month that I had completely run out of and couldn't do without, but towards the end of the month I did panic and buy some more tinted moisturiser (which was on offer), as I wasn't sure if I'd run out over the Christmas period.

I spent £8.27 this month, just under the monthly budget of £8.33, so have now spent £49.06/£100 in total and am still on track with this challenge.  Expenditure this month was on the following:

Cotton wool pads x 50 - 65p

Hairspray - 70p

Distilled Witch hazel (used as a toner) - £1.93

Shampoo - £1

Pack of 10 small handbag packs of tissues - £1

Nivea Tinted Moisturiser - £2.99

I have received a few extra products for Christmas so far although there may be a couple more to come, or not.  I got a lovely Rose Body Butter, some delish Chanel No. 5 body lotion (from OH - Good man!) and some lovely Laura Ashley perfume which I am looking forward to wearing.  I've been very lucky and these items will be added to my stash and should help me to hopefully continue to stay on target with this challenge.

There are a couple of things that are running low at the moment, but hopefully I might still be able to do better next month and my stash is still steadily going down which is very satisfying indeed and is freeing up more space at home.  In particular using my stash of soaps instead of buying shower gels has been great in this respect.  I think I might continue to use soaps when this challenge has ended. as it is far more economical.


  1. I've been using up hotel shampoo & body lotions but really have to use prescription stuff.

    Husband was organised by Jess to buy me some Liz Earle perfume.

    1. Ooh good girl Jess.

      Some hotels do use some really nice products. Sometimes it's a pity they don't make them larger. Some of the ones I collected in the US were lovely.

    2. Right with you on this one - my love is lidl's 3.99 perfume - i bought two when they had it on offer. Tesco's vitamin e products are great too . I use aldi 's make up and their mascara is about 2.50 - good luck with your challenge

    3. Hi, thanks. I'm really enjoying it. I've been meaning to try the Lidl perfume. I've heard great things about it. It's supposed to smell a little like Chanel which I wear on special occasions. It would be great to have an everyday version I could wear. I'll look out for it next time I do a shop there, if there's space in the budget of course.

  2. It's a great challenge.

    I don't wear perfume and stuff like that but I've received a big box of toiletries and three handmade soaps for Christmas, that should keep me going for quite some time.

    I've recently started using BB cream, it's about three quid and appears to be lasting for ages, great product.

  3. I noticed today when out and about that Nivea have a new BB cream out. I might try that next time I need some more, but it's a slightly lighter shade than the one I use currently. May be good in the winter when I'm pale and pasty though.