Monday, 29 July 2013

Beauty Challenge Update - End of Month One

A few weeks ago I posted about a blogger challenge, inspired by El at AThriftyMrs, that I was joining in with.  The challenge is to spend only £100 or less on beauty products for the whole year.  The challenge began on 27th June and we're now one month in.
In my previous post, I listed the many beauty products that I have been hoarding for a while and part of the challenge was to work my way through them before buying any more.  Here's a couple of pictures of what I was starting with.
As you can see there's a lot of products to get through and I have been slowly working my way through them, but must admit that I have added to these too this month as there were some gaps in my stash.  I'm afraid if I get down to my last bottle of something I can't help myself and have to go out and buy a replacement straight away so that I don't actually fully run out of anything.
So, what did I buy this month?
4 x 75ml tubes of Aquafresh toothpaste -  £2 (yes I know I had lots in my stash, but I ordered these from Approved Food before I decided to embark on this challenge.  They are, however, small tubes so run out quite quickly.)
2 x Coconut Body Wash - £1 (Again ordered from AF when I had just one bottle of shower gel left.)
2 x 500ml Shower Gel - £1.58 (bought in a panic as I was down to one bottle and they were such good value from Asda so I couldn't resist)
1 x Pantene Shampoo - £2 - (Down to the last bottle of shampoo and this was half it's normal price in Asda - I had lots of conditioner, but not much shampoo!)
1 Tin of Hairspray -  79p  (Almost completely ran out save for a small handbag size, which I like to keep for my handbag.)
Bath Foam 1L - £1.19 (I've been having a few baths lately, especially after allotment visits and was down to the last bit of the current bottle).
Toothpaste - 75p (Bought whilst away for the weekend and ran out.  Bad planning as I should have taken a new tube from home, but didn't).
Cotton Pads - 65p (Put my last pack in the jar so bought another to replace it.)

Total Spent in Month 1 - £9.96

As a consequence, I overspent a bit this month as my monthly spend should be somewhere in the region of £8.33.  However, I still have a stash that is far too big and shouldn't run out of much next month or even get close enough to panic and buy more of anything.  I think the initial feeling of panic and wanting to stash more away at the beginning of the challenge when I saw things for sale at reasonable prices, did play a part too.

In case you weren't sure, my version of this challenge is really only for me, not other members of the family, as I have a makeup mad daughter and thought it unfair to make her curb her makeup habits  because I wanted to enter into a challenge.  Other members of the family will, however, be using many of the products I am using too, such as shower gel, bath foam, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, etc. 

Not included in the challenge are toilet paper, sanitary wear, contact lenses and solution and any medication as these are not things that I consider beauty products (although it can be argued contact lenses are, but they are also essential to see when doing certain activities such as exercise or driving whilst wearing non-prescription sunglasses).

I also received a very kind gift this month from Penny at The Hen House of some lovely Lancôme products that she couldn't use herself, which I am now using and they are lovely.  So a big thanks to Penny for her kindness and generosity in sending them to me and helping me along in this challenge.

Month one then, not doing too badly, but could do better.  Sounds like a school report.  Next month will be interesting as it includes our holiday, so a few things might need to be bought for travel purposes. 

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