Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Another Storage Makeover

Here we go, yet another storage makeover.  I seem to do an awful lot of these.  Will I ever have enough storage?  I've been looking for something to use to store some things under my bed, but have struggled to come up with a solution that seemed hardwearing and wouldn't just last a couple of years and then fall apart.

On my way up to the shops to post a parcel the other day, I took a look at the things on display outside the antique shop, not intending to buy anything, but isn't that always the case.  It was the same shop that I bought the ottoman from and they have some lovely items both in and outside their shop every time I go past.   Anyway, on this particular visit I saw this vintage/antique wooden box.

At £20 it probably was a pricier solution than I had anticipated but I like the size of it for the use I had in mind and I liked the rope handles on each end to facilitate pulling it out from under the bed easily. 

I had admired similar ones on eBay, but the postage had been prohibitive.  I bit the bullet so to speak and bought it.  I probably should just have sanded it down and oiled it as advised by the guy in the shop, but it seemed a bit oily as if it had been used as a tool box so I sanded it and then gave it my usual sort of dodgy paint job.  Shabby chic it most definitely is.

Here it is painted.

I lined it loosely with vintage Laura Ashley wallpaper I'd had for ages, but hadn't yet found a use for and it is just the right size for all the bits and pieces I want to keep in it. This has now cleared a pile of stuff from the bedroom floor that was cluttering up the space and I'm another step closer to having a restful room to retire to.

Whilst outside in the garden painting it I had a visitor,  this lovely butterfly stopped by for a while and paused on the door of the garden shed long enough for me to take a picture. So beautiful.


  1. That's a lovely makeover. You've given it new life. I wonder what it used to be used for.

  2. I'm not sure whether they were used for storing belongings in the military. I think I might have seen one advertised on eBay as such, but can't be sure.

  3. I thought military too. My dad had wooden boxes with rope handles. He was good at making them into other things too !