Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Glad to be Home

Tonight, I'm very glad to be home. I feel very sad for those people and their families caught up the atrocity in Westminster and who are at this moment fighting for their lives or recovering from the trauma. I heard the news on the radio whilst working at the CS this afternoon.

I found out a bit more about what had happened on Yahoo and via the radio when I got home, but will probably find out more details from the 10 o'clock news later tonight. It's a sad day for London, but I was rallied by the #wearenotafraid campaign that I read about online.

The world seems such a volatile place at the moment. We try to just get on with our lives regardless, but these sort of events bring us back to reality. It saddens me that there is so much negativity, hate and malice out there.

Changing the subject slightly, I've been watching Gary Vaynerchuk a lot on YouTube lately and I almost agree with him when he says that lots of people want to get rich quick these days and not work hard for it.  They all look to the self-made young millionaires on YouTube and want to be like them. Aah, the age of YouTube, where you can earn thousands/millions advertising your own and everyone else's products to an impressionable audience who will then go out and buy them. What an amazing opportunity for those who got in the game early.  Excuse me if I sound a little cynical, but the kind of success it offers doesn't interest me much, but I can understand how people can get swept along by it or young people are desperate for the opportunities it can open up for them.

I stopped watching sponsored content a good while ago, as it just seemed so gratuitous and unappealing. I've actually got to a stage where I almost pity the vloggers who get sent mounds of PR samples and stuff in their PO boxes from numerous companies, wanting them to promote their products.  Clutter springs to mind.  What can you do with a whole range of lipsticks.  It takes me two years to use one up, let alone 20. I just see them as vehicles for big business hijack in order to hawk their wares. Fair play to them, they are getting amazing opportunities early in life, so who am I to criticise.

Anyway, I like the way Gary just tells those waiting for it to happen for them to stop moaning about why they haven't made it big instantly, be grateful, work hard, put content out there without being too precious about it and be patient. Nothing worth anything ever comes easy. 

It's such old fashioned advice, but still so true, even in our digital age and it obviously still needs to be imparted because people (me included) are lapping it up. What is the hurry to be a millionaire when you are 20? Although at least they are wanting to get on and are hungry. In many ways, I wish I had been more hungry for success when I was 20, and had known more about compound interest, but I didn't and I didn't really come from an entrepreneurial background. 

Having said this, I am not sure that I would have liked to feel the pressure that many young people feel to be a financial success these days.  There was very little pressure on me.  Too little I sometimes think, hence why I've always been pretty terrible in relation to my finances. I came from a hard working background though, and my parents did their absolute best for me and my sisters, I know that much. It didn't come easy to them, so why should it be any different for anyone today.

Anyway, in the light of today's events, success just doesn't seem so important somehow, it can all be wiped out in seconds, but then we shouldn't let others' hate stop us from striving for a better life and world.


  1. So glad you are home safe and sound and I agree with what you are saying about pressure and success. I fail to understand why there is so much hate in the world and why we can't all get along together even with our differences.

    1. I don't work anywhere near Westminster, but I think some of the emergency vehicles from near where I work may have been called to the scene, as I heard a lot of sirens flying down the high street mid afternoon.

  2. I was hoping that you would post that you were home safe and sound. I will never understand how there can be so much hate in our world.

    God bless.

  3. I don't work near the incident, but I'm not too keen on travelling into London when this kind of incident happens. I'm happy to be at home today too.

  4. I will be staying in the exact area with my mum in May which is a sobering thought. I was so shocked to see the news but do realise that London is one of the safest cities in the world. So heart breaking for those just there at that moment in time.
    The young man who turned his life around after spending time in prison by designing the new pizza oven and now a millionaire is a credit to himself & his family.

    1. Hopefully, by the time you come to London, things will have settled down a little. Terrible tragedy, so random as always.