Wednesday, 29 March 2017

An Eventful Week

It's Wednesday night and already it's been an eventful week.  Why is it that the week before you go away, everything goes crazy?

Anyway, poor OH has copped for most of the hassle. Whilst out doing the weekly grocery shop on Monday the car started playing up.  To be honest it's not been great for a few weeks and on top of that OH has been trying to get new tyres fitted but the security bolts on the wheels had fused and prevented them being taken off, so several trips to the dealership and tyre garage ensued to get that problem sorted.  He's still got to get the tyres replaced this week.

The other problem with the car has been a valve that has got choked up and needs replacing.  A nice £500 worth of valve, might I add, just a month or so after the 5 year warranty ran out.  Who would have credited it?  Call me cynical, but it's a known problem with this particular brand of car, according to OH who has now researched it on the internet.  Anyway, he's got it replaced and it's just the tyres to go now.

In addition to all of this going on in the last few weeks, LB has been rehearsing for and then performing in another production at school this week.  We went to the first show, which was good, and I had to go collect her from the second last night as it was getting too late for her to come home alone.

The dog has been to the groomers today to be stripped, in readiness for the weather starting to warm up. She looks cute, but quite different, bless her.  She behaved much better this time, as we had reports of her being a little grumpy the last time this was done. She's still not 100% since the tick incident, nothing too serious, but we'll probably be taking her back to the vet when we get back from our holidays. This is another long running saga, rather like the car.

I've just finished my two days at the CS and as the manager had no staff to work with him on Saturday, I've volunteered to go in. I didn't go in last weekend as I thought I might, so I figured I should this weekend, especially now I've got the garden and allotment up to scratch. (Last year, I nearly lost my allotment due to not keeping on top of it due to overcommitting at the CS. I had a real job getting it back under control and adequately cultivated over the summer, so I'm trying to be careful not to do the same this year - it should help that my new allotment is a much more manageable size)

In any case, LB has an end of term sleep over at a friend's on Friday night, which fits in perfectly, as she'll probably be off hanging out with her friends most of Saturday anyway and therefore being at the shop won't be such an issue. I, for my part, will find it quite interesting to see what it's like working in the shop on the busiest day of the week.

As a consequence of the above, the remaining two days of this week I'll be getting organised for the holiday, i.e. washing and ironing clothes, packing, buying last minute holiday essentials if any are required.  I've already got my currency. (The exchange rate was atrocious I might add, but what can you expect, as the PM starts off our exit from the EU). We also had a few extra euros left over from previous holidays, so I'm taking them with me. I've got all the sun lotions we need and my holiday reading lined up already, which are a few things ticked off the list.

Talking of books, I also need to return all of my recently borrowed library books before we go, as they fall due whilst we're away.  I just need to finish the book I'm currently reading and they can go back. I may also need to collect my new glasses from the optician, but I'm waiting to be notified that they're ready.

I'm now getting quite excited about the holiday, whilst simultaneously really feeling in need of a break.


  1. You sure have been busy.

    I hear you over how the warranty ends and then something goes wrong. Happens in this household all the time.

    God bless.

  2. Getting ready cor your holiday is hard work, enjoy the break.