Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A Little Found Item DIY Project

A few weeks ago whilst walking the dog, I came across this little wooden shelving unit that had been left outside a property for anyone to take.  Call me a bit of magpie, but I can't resist a little piece of furniture which has the potential to be spruced up.

It was a little rough and a bit grubby, but a good sand down, clean and a touch of wood filler and it looked a bit better. I wasn't sure what I would use it for, possibly a little shelf or bed side cabinet in the guest/sewing room. On it's end, it is perfect to house magazines and books for bedside reading.

Anyway, I tried to paint it a few weeks ago, but couldn't find any paint I liked in the cupboard, (I was looking for some grey paint) which is how I came to do a bit of a clear out of all the old tins and tester pots.

Fast forward a few weeks and after getting fed up of it hanging around in the kitchen getting in the way, I decided to paint it white, as we had lots of white eggshell and satin finish wood paint which I chose in the end.

As it was lovely and sunny on Saturday morning, I took it outside on the decking and got stuck in.  It took a few coats to make it look anywhere near decent, but as the paint was quick drying it didn't take too long.

Here's the finished result in situ in our bedroom by my bed. I put a few magazines and books in there in ready to read. It's nothing fancy, but I like it and the fact that it was free makes it all the more appealing.


  1. What a clever find and a perfect bedside reading table. I spy your new book on there too.
    We were very creative when we were penniless Art students. I made a sag bag long before you could buy the polystyrene beads - I had all my student friends with a cheese grater attacking a great slab of polystyrene that was motorbike packaging thrown away at a local garage - trouble was it became highly static when grated against metal and stuck to everything in sight - but I had that sag bag for years!

    1. I still enjoy just making something for free or finding something that is free. I'm not too precious about how my home looks, so long as it's functional and this little shelf is much more functional than what I was using before.