Monday, 13 March 2017

Busy Bee Saturday

I've been a busy bee this Saturday.  The morning was spent listening to podcasts, listing and posting off eBay items (business as opposed to personal), painting a found piece of furniture, doing some washing and household chores and using my food dehydrator for the first time.

Yes, I finally got around to using the dehydrator that my sister bought me for my 50th birthday last October.  I had bought some thin cut beef steak with a yellow sticker on and I finally defrosted it and used it to make some dog treats.  On a recent visit to the vet, our dog was found to be a little overweight, so I'm trying to give her healthier treats and this was an attempt to make some.

Here are the strips in the dehydrator.

Here's what they looked like when they came out. 

I think I either overcooked them or over hydrated them, as they are a bit crispy, but better safe than sorry.  I had to put them in the oven for 10 minutes before putting them in the dehydrator to kill any bacteria, hence why I think they look overly dried.  They were very thin strips too.  The dog loves them though, so they won't go to waste. You live and learn.

Next, I want to dehydrate some fruit or vegetables and see how they turn out.  I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, I also spent quite a bit of time in the garden on Saturday as previously posted, just generally tidying up and sweeping the decking and the front path. It was a lovely day, perfect for it.

Later, I sat down and wrote/completed quite a few blog posts, so I'll probably be posting every day for a week or two now, which makes a change, as my posts have been few and far between lately. How was your Saturday?

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  1. We looked after a friend's golden retriever last summer who came with bags full of treats & bed time cookies. Needless to say Dillon wanted to partake said treats. We don't really do doggy treats & he has stayed slim.
    Lovely to get out in the garden x