Monday, 14 November 2016

This Weekend

After recently complaining about how much I needed to catch up with things at home, this weekend I've made definite inroads into the backlog.

I didn't book my usual class at the gym for two reasons, one being that I've not been enjoying the class quite as much recently, so am giving myself a break from it.  The second reason is, that I was planning on going to a local hospice Christmas Bazaar, but I didn't end up going to that either.

It wasn't because I don't want to support a good cause, but I figured that charity needed to start at home this weekend, as the house desperately needed some TLC.  In addition, I figured that I would probably buy lots of books and other stuff that I don't really need. (Albeit at very good prices with the proceeds going to charity) When push came to shove,  I just stayed home and did some domestic chores instead.

I started by changing the bed linen which was overdue.  Then I cleaned the bathroom and downstairs toilet, followed by hoovering and mopping through the house.  I also sorted out a couple of small things that I've been meaning to do or put away for a while. It's often these little things that you just don't get around to doing during the week, that cause a clutter pile to accumulate, which eventually gets so big that it begins to impede your daily life.

It felt good to get  these things done and I feel like I've reclaimed my home and my life a little and restored a bit of balance.

On Saturday afternoon OH and I headed off to the local mall to look at small laptops, as he's buying me a new one for Christmas.  This is mainly because he wants to reclaim his spare work laptop from me, as I am a little heavy handed when typing (a consequence of learning to type on a proper typewriter many years ago) and the buttons get depressed a little too heavily, which in the end damages the keyboard, sometimes fatally.  He's hoping to prolong the life of the one I am currently using, by removing it from my clutches. I don't blame him really.

I must say that I don't mind having a new one all to myself, and a smaller one at that, as it will make life much easier when travelling. The one I currently use is large and heavy and quite cumbersome. I'm not an iPad type of girl really and prefer to use a keyboard rather than a touch screen, so small laptop it will be. I'll probably end up with quite an inexpensive one, as the kind of things I use it for don't merit my getting a fancy all singing/dancing one.

Anyway, after visiting the mall, I caught the train on to the CS for the manager's leaving do. It was a pleasant enough evening and it was interesting to meet some of the previous volunteers who had come back to the shop to celebrate with the manager.

I didn't stay too late, as I had to catch a train back across London on my own, on which lots of youngsters were heading out for the night.  It was strange to think how old and boring I am now in comparison. Having said this, I quite enjoy being that way and like nothing more than staying home on a Saturday night.

Sunday, was a very quiet day here. I did the usual dog walk before heading off to the gym. I managed to do all of my weekly shop, rather than as usual finishing it on Monday afternoon, so I will be able to come straight home from the gym today for a change and get on with other things.

The remainder of Sunday, I did some laundry and a little ironing and then cooked us some dinner.  I caught up with watching Strictly from the night before and then had a bath before watching one episode of  The Crown. It was my day for taking it easy.

I'm looking forward to starting a new week feeling a bit more on top of things at home.  It makes such a difference mentally, as it frees me up to focus my attention properly on everything I need to do outside of the house. How's your weekend been?


  1. When the last desktop broke down our youngest techno geek was home. He took me shopping for a new one. At first all I wanted was a laptop and just one that I could store pictures, and type on. Well, every place we went we had to look for docking stations (to make the laptop more of a desktop type). Couldn't find one he liked, heck couldn't even find one a person could dock. So then we looked at regular laptops. The only one we found that measured up to his standards (he is picky) was a display one. Well Staples would not give us a discount so he pulled me out of the store. We ended up getting the same brand of desktop as my old one. At least it measured up to his pickiness. But it does have a heck of a lot of bells and whistles that I will probably never use.

    God bless.

    1. Luckily OH was quite happy for me to go for cheap and cheerful. It might not last long anyway with my heavy handed typing habit.