Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Getting Things into Perspective

I'm in a bit of a strange mood lately. I think having three weeks away from the CS did me some good and chipped away some of the scales that were obscuring my vision. I was so focused on trying hard to help the manager, that I was putting myself and my family on the back burner, which is never a good thing.

Spending a few weeks away, has helped me get things back into perspective.  It's not my job to ensure the manager's last few weeks go smoothly, I was just getting too involved and drawn into things that weren't really any of my concern.  A bit of distance has done me good and although I may still work an extra day a week until she leaves in two weeks time, I'm planning on going back to volunteering for just two days from there on in, as any more than this leaves things at home piling up.

With Christmas looming, there is plenty to keep me occupied away from the shop, although I do enjoy the festive atmosphere in the lead up to Christmas, so I can't promise I won't do a few extra hours here and there.

Another thing I've been neglecting this year is my eBay selling and this is going to be my priority this week, as time is now marching on and I have already missed out on lots of sales in the months of October and September due to being so busy with other things and not getting my act together.

I definitely need to get onto it and make as much effort as I can to sell as much as I can in the remaining few weeks. I'm pretty sure that I definitely won't achieve anything like the results I achieved last year though, as I just haven't been on it.

Talking of Christmas, we're spending Christmas Day in London this year, which I'm quite looking forward to, on the request of LB.  She enjoys spending Christmas Day at home now she is getting older.  I'm not sure what we'll be eating, possibly a turkey crown or even lamb, but whatever we decide, it will be a simple meal and we won't be over indulging this Christmas.  A few treats, yes, but not too many.  I just can't deal with the excessive amount of food you are encouraged to buy at Christmas time. It can seem almost obscene at times, especially when some people struggle to put a decent meal on the table on a daily basis.

On another note, I have almost finished gathering the bits and pieces to go in my Operation Christmas Child box. I bought the last few items with my weekly shop on Monday.  Once again, I am sending a box for a teenage girl, so it includes toiletries, stationery, make up and other bits and pieces. I'm hoping whoever receives it will like it. I'm tracking it once again. Last year it went to the Ukraine, so I'm interested to find out where it will go this year. (You get informed a few months later)

There's a couple of Christmas events I want to go to in the next couple of months, one being the Ideal Home Show at Christmas, for which I already have free tickets. Another is a local hospice Christmas Bazaar that I have attended regularly for several years.

What are your plans for Christmas and in the lead up? Are you planning any Christmas outings this year?


  1. We plan on spending Christmas at home this year. Just Harvey, myself and our two sons. I think I need some quiet this time around.

    God bless.

    1. Sounds like a nice relaxing festive period to me. Just how I like it too.

  2. I totally understand the pressure you were under at the charity shop and good to put some distance. I was very involved when the previous manager left as we were friends. I did too much to support her but know she appreciated it.
    We have to buy more food this year for Christmas meals as have three extra for several days but I'm getting my veggies at cost price now which helps a lot.
    Good luck with all your jobs x

    1. Three extra for Chrismtas dinner sounds exciting. It's nice to have visitors to stay at Christmas.

  3. Well done for taking a step back at the shop, it's so easy to get sucked into things that, as you say, aren't your concern. Your manager has made the decision to leave so managing that is up to them! It can be hard to remember the reason you volunteer, but you're there to raise money for a charity and whatever your personal reasons are, everything else is just piling on. Plus it gives to chance to start afresh, with no baggage with the new manager.

    No plans for Christmas, no plans to make plans, hoping to just keep my head down and get through it, with the aid of lots of pie.

    Apologies if this has posted twice!

    1. Yes, I definitely need to remind myself of that at times. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.