Wednesday, 30 November 2016

CS Catch Up and Feeling More Festive

It's been a good  couple of days at the CS.  We've been very short of staff, i.e. just me and the manager for half  of each day, due to some unexpected staff absences, but we've got by okay.

I've spent most of the time on the till, which isn't my favourite thing to do in the shop, but I'm happy to go where needed. I find the time passes a little slower when I'm on the till and Tuesday was quite a quiet day, probably because it was the second to last day of the month and people were waiting to get paid. Wednesday was a bit busier though, which was good.

I'm gradually getting used to the change in pace at the shop.  I do sometimes find it a little slow after the speed at which I used to work. On the plus side, however, I am feeling a lot calmer when I'm there and much less stressed for the most part, which is a very good thing indeed, so I'm not complaining, although it probably sounds like I am.

Last week, I got involved in setting up the Christmas window display, which was fun.  No pictures though I'm afraid.  It's now starting to get a bit busier on the Christmas cards and other products front, which I enjoy.  I like keeping the shelves stocked up.  It's like playing shop, although it's not playing, it's for real.  I've not really worked in retail since I was a teenager, so to me I still find it quite a novelty.

From this week, I'm going in on Fridays too, just up until Christmas and it's been my own decision.  I helped out the previous manager by doing quite a few extra days when needed, so I'm happy to help the current manager in the same way for a few weeks during a busy period. I'm away between Christmas and New Year, so I like to make up for it, although I'm not expected to.

With most of my Christmas shopping done, going into the shop keeps me out of trouble with regard to spending, unless something comes into the shop that I can't resist that is.  Besides, I now almost always get away at a time that suits me and makes the commute less stressful, so I'm more than happy to do it.

Today, once I've done my usual class at the gym, I'm heading into town to pick up an online order from Fortnum and Mason (a few stocking fillers for family) and doing a few last minute bits of Christmas shopping.

Following this, I should only have OH's main present and a few sweets to buy, but he needs to try his present on before I buy it, so we need to go on a special shopping trip for that one. The sweets can probably be picked up with the grocery shopping over the next few weeks, so I don't need to make a special trip for those.

Actually, I tell a lie, I still have a niece to buy a present for, but she often prefers the money, and I'd like to get something for my sister this year, as she made such an effort for my 50th birthday, that I want to buy her a little something to thank her.

Now the weather has turned colder, I'm starting to feel a bit more infused with Christmas spirit, especially when I go out early with the dog and everywhere is white and frosty.  I love it, so crisp and clarifying. LB's chocolate advent calendar came out this morning and I'll probably get the decorations out this weekend or next.


  1. You sound happier about the shop. I hear lots of grumbles now I'm not the manager !
    I've offered to work at the green grocers on Christmas eve as there are a few shifts I can't do. It should be fun & busy.
    Fortnum & Mason treats sound divine x

    1. Yes, we're pushing the boat out this year and treat everyone. Not going too mad though.

  2. I love 'playing shop' every Friday at the CS too. At least we can go straight home and not worry about policies, profit, stock and staff.

    1. Yes that's very true. Much more fun that way.

  3. Less stress is good, and a slower pace is just wonderful. I am glad you are enjoying yourself more at the shop.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks Jackie. We're still very short on volunteers, but the manager seems to deal with it in a different way. I do hope we get some more soon though.