Thursday, 10 November 2016

Art Mirroring Life - Or Almost

I got up this morning to see that John Lewis's new Christmas advert was in my inbox. I couldn't resist watching it, of course, and when I saw that dog in the thumbprint I thought, oh here we go, a nice dog to emotionally blackmail us this Christmas.

The advert was a little different to what I expected though and made me laugh instead of bringing a tear to my eye.  Take a look for yourself.

I have to say that it struck a chord with me, as certain visitors to the garden do behave in this way. The only thing the advert doesn't show is the smelly little calling cards that they often leave behind, if you know what I mean.


  1. A friend posted this as always had Boxer dogs. It's fun & made me laugh - a nice change from the John Lewis sentimental Christmas ads.

    1. I agree, it made me laugh too. We do sometimes lift our dog on to the trampoline and bounce around with her. She appears to enjoy the experience!