Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Everything Changes

I've not been keeping to my normal food shopping routine in the past few weeks and haven't actually visited Lidl at all during this period, so when I returned to my regular store on Sunday afternoon, I was shocked to be confronted with queues that reached the back of the shop, literally. (Even with every till occupied by a member of staff!) In the weeks prior to my absence, the queues had been reaching half way down the shop, but to double in length in the space of a few weeks seemed strange.

I soon found out the reason after I joined one of the long queues and waited my turn.  When I got to the front of the queue I found myself in a queue for a whole new raft of self-service tills.  Had I known, I would have transferred myself to a different queue.  Anyway, defeated, I went ahead  and used the said self service tills which have replaced half of the tills in the store.  It went okay, save that there isn't enough room on the scale for more than one bag, which might be a problem should I want to do a larger shop.

Has Lidl introduced self service tills in your area?  If not, be warned it may be coming to a store near you.  I have to admit I was slightly disappointed, as I do prefer to be served by a person, as opposed to a computer,  but I guess you can't hold back the tide of progress (?) can you? Another sign that the store has sadly become a victim of it's own success. In spite of the changes, I'm sure I will still shop there as I always have done and who knows it may actually reduce the queues, once everyone gets used to the new layout.


  1. Oh no, not self service. Not happened in out Lidl yet and I hope not at all. There's more jobs lost!

  2. Oh dear, as you say a sign of their own success. We used to shop in Lidl store in a nearby town (was then the only one around here) 20 years go and hardly anyone in the store. Now the car park is always full and long queues at check outs. We don't go there anymore since my new car (had it two weeks) was damaged. Seen two other cars damaged in that car park as well. We found another Lidl in a nearby town, not nearly so nice, and still long queues, but at least the car is safe!

    1. The car park in this one is always madly busy too. Very annoying. Like you I used to shop there 20 years ago when the queues were virtually non existant. The power of TV advertising I guess.