Sunday, 6 November 2016

Living with Less Stuff - October

Last month I didn't think that I'd manage to do much decluttering, as the major part of the month was taken up with my sister's visit.

However, I did manage to find a few items to donate whilst cleaning the house in readiness for her arrival and since her departure and return to Australia, I have sifted out a few more clothing items to donate, whilst catching up on laundry and ironing.

In addition, LB has been busy decluttering again this month and has supplied me with a good quantity of clothing that she no longer needs or wants to keep and which were cluttering up her drawers, but not getting worn.

As a consequence, this month's total is non too shabby and between us as a household we will have amassed another 59 items in total to be donated.  This has once again streamlined our clothing and I'm getting ever nearer to having an acceptable (to me) amount of clothes in my wardrobe and drawers.

When added to the running total for the year which at last count was 816 items, I have now cleared a total of 875 items from our house so far this year.

Reading Marie Kondo's infamous book helped towards the end of the month. I didn't subsequently follow her method to the letter, and I may not ever actually do so, but some of her ideas make a lot of sense to me, particularly ones about not hanging onto things that LB is throwing out for sentimental reasons, and not passing things down to her that she doesn't really want, which I have a tendency to do, instead of dealing with my own guilt at getting rid of something.

I utilised the extra hour when the clocks went back two Sundays ago to give my underwear drawer a good sort through, as some items had holes in the lace or seams and needed throwing out.  Due to having bought some new underwear whilst my sister was here, I felt the time was right to chuck out the stuff that is past it's best and this feels like a job well done to me.

I've got the odd decluttering job planned for November, if I get the chance to do it, namely to tackle the cupboard in the hallway, which is bursting with stuff. It might even inspire me to finally get around to a spot of candle making, as I have the soy wax, containers, wicks and a pine candle scent, which would be ideal for the festive period. I'll let you know how that goes if it happens.


  1. Good job on the decluttering. I am still absolutely surprised that I don't miss any of the clutter I have culled from the house so far.

    God bless.

    1. I'm the same really. I can't think of hardly anything that I miss.