Saturday, 5 November 2016

Getting Back into Frugal Habits

It's been a much better week this week on the financial front.  I've got back into the habit of spending only on food and essentials and I feel much better and more in control of my finances as a consequence.

I have purchased a few Christmas gifts on line too, as I'm trying to complete my Christmas shopping as soon as I can.  I'm also adding the odd small Christmas food item to my shopping trolley each week, to reduce the amount I need to buy nearer the time.

A couple of occasion cards needed to be purchased too this week and some money put into a collection for the Manager at the CS.  Other than this, it's been a pretty frugal week.

I also spent £1.29 to repair one of the brakes on my old banger of a bike, that I ride to the train station on days that I go to the CS. Luckily the part fitted, so I now have two brakes working instead of one.

I have to say that this old bike is getting a second lease of life and is serving me well. I use it because I don't like leaving my favourite new bike locked up all day in case it gets stolen and it spares me the 15 minute walk to and from the station that I don't enjoy, especially on days when I am very tired after a long day on my feet. The extra exercise is good too, of course.

I finished reading Marie Kondo's infamous book this morning in bed. I really enjoyed it and I don't quite understand the severe reaction of some people who I've heard really pan the book.  I found it very considered, rational and insightful. I think the press and media have sometimes taken a very sensationalist approach to it.

This weekend, I'm hoping to do some work in our garden as it's looking very sorry and neglected on account of my having very little time to attend to it in the last few months. I'm looking forward to putting it to bed for the winter as it will be another job taken care of and I won't have to worry or think about it for a few months. I do, however, intend to continue growing in the raised beds throughout the cold weather, but this should require little maintenance.

Other than this and a pile of ironing that is awaiting my attention, I don't have any plans for this weekend.  Just getting back on top of things is enough excitement for me right now.


  1. I read Marie Kondo's book and took action! I thought it was excellent! Left it in my daughter's bedroom as a gentle hint to no avail! Just found your blog and look forward to catching up on all your previous posts!

    1. Hi Julia, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment too. I agree that it was a great book.

      I've found that in the last couple of years since I've been decluttering my daughter who's 13 has started to do the same without any prompting really. I'm definitely trying not to put her off, although I do keep the odd thing I don't want her to throw away.

  2. I think anything that changes the way a person looks at something is a good thing. I don't think I could go to the extremes that some do, but I have pared my wardrobe down considerably and now it actually fits in the drawers.

    I am hoping that eventually I will be able to at least fold everything the way she does.

    Congrats at getting back into frugal mode.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks Jackie. I must admit that I find her way of folding invaluable and my drawers look so much tidier, plus it's much easier to find things and see what I have to wear too.

      With regard to her ideas about socks, I still roll mine up, which she regards as a big no no. But life would be too boring if we all did the same things.