Friday, 18 March 2016

The New Bed Arrives at Last

Today has been a fab day so far.  I jumped out of bed at 7.10 am to answer the phone.  It was the delivery man, to tell us that our bed would be arriving between 8.30 am and 10.30 am. Yippee!
I started right there and then to get the room ready for it.

I have to admit that the bedroom deep clean had come to a halt until that point.  I'd got no further round the room in the week that had passed.  Spurred on by the impending delivery I stripped the bed, cleared space to move it into the spare room, which OH helped me to do, once he'd had some breakfast.

I removed the dusty things from underneath our bed to the spare room until I get time to go through them, and hoovered, cleaned and mopped the space underneath and around where the new bed was to go.

I also got the new bedding out of the linen closet ready to put on. Then I hoovered the stairs and landings and the rest of the upstairs rooms, did a quick clean of the bathroom and downstairs toilet (in case the delivery men needed to use them).  I can't bear the thought of people coming into my house, using the facilities and not finding them spotless.  I'm not OCD or anything, but it just seems rude not to have clean toilets when anyone visits.

Talking of OCD, did anyone watch the new series of Obsessive, Compulsive Cleaners this week?  I so love this programme.  It really inspires me to get my house in order.

I digress, anyway, there was just enough time to dust, hoover and mop OH's side of the room as there was a thick layer of dust on everything and again I couldn't bear the delivery men to see it.  I still need to deep clean this side properly, but for now it looks a lot better.

Just as I'd finished all of this, the delivery men arrived, so I dived into the shower (as I was still in my nightwear at this point) and re-appeared just as they were leaving, having put together the new bed and taken away all of the packaging.

It was so nice to finally get our new bed.  The company we bought it from also provided a mattress cover. We weren't sure whether this came with some sort of insurance, but weren't aware that we'd bought any. We came to the conclusion that they may have thrown it in as a consequence of the delay we'd experienced, due apparently to there being a shortage of the fabric needed to cover the bed base.

I had already bought a mattress cover from John Lewis, but the one that came today was much better quality, so the one I bought will go on LB's bed.  The bag it came in was super useful too, to store my woollen blankets to keep them safe from the odd moth that's still hanging around in our house.

So, here it is, the grand reveal of the new bed.  I haven't had chance to make it up yet, save for the protector, as I had to go straight out with the dog.

The very best bit is this.

So much lovely storage space to utilise and make our bedroom less cluttered and more serene.

I can't wait to get started.  I've already removed the blankets from the ottoman at the end of the bed, bagged them up and they'll be the first things to go into the under bed storage.  The ottoman will then provide storage with easy access, to bedding for our bed, the spare and LB's.  This in turn will free up room in the linen cupboard for the vacuum cleaner. (At last, a place for the hoover to call home!!!)

Here it is in it's new abode.

I'll post again and show you the finished results, once I've organised the new storage spaces.


  1. I'm really interested to hear your opinion on the bed after using it for a while, how easy it is to access the stuff stored etc.

    1. My early impressions are that it is not the most robust structure and it is quite heavy to lift initially, with the weight of the mattress and bedding on top. I think the mattress we bought was a lot heavier than the one displayed in the store.

      It has a metal frame that you can access easily to lift the top and there are small pistons that I believe have gas cartridges in them, that assist you once you've initially lifted the top off the base. If anything is going to go wrong with this bed, it is these.

      I don't know if it would be a good choice for anyone who is particularly frail. I'm trying to put things in that aren't too heavy and that I don't need all that regular access to, to reduce wear, but I like it and the concept of storing things under your bed, but contained within it, is genius as it should reduce dust.

      It's probably worth checking one out in a furniture showroom to get a feel for how heavy it is. The vast area for storage with this model far outweighs the cons in my eyes though.

      I'll probably post again about how we find it, when I've used it a bit longer. Thanks for taking an interest.

  2. We have under bed drawers, so everything is tidy and nothing can gather dust under the bed. Enjoy your sleep tonight.

  3. Looks wonderful. Love the underbed storage drawers, but was wondering how easy it was to access. Your reply above filled in the answer for me.

    God bless.

  4. Congratulations on your new bed! There is nothing better than the feeling of new bed.

    The free mattress cover is a huge benefit. What company did you purchase it from? What brand mattress cover did the company provide you?

    I am in the market for a new bed myself and hate paying extra for mattress covers.