Friday, 11 March 2016

Bedroom Spring Clean - Part 2 - Cluttered Corner and Beauty Station.

Friday, was a quiet day here.  After walking the dog, I didn't have anything planned for the rest of the day, so I decided to carry on with the bedroom spring clean.  As mentioned in my last post in this series, I decided to tackle the floor area of the corner near my bed.

Things often accumulate here, such as gifts I buy for people that need wrapping, letters and statements that I haven't yet filed away and other bits and pieces, making it look a little untidy.

I should probably do away with the A4 file box I keep here and then I'd be forced to file things away immediately, but I know from experience that just won't happen and I'd just end up with a pile of paper, so at least this keeps things tidy until I do file everything.

I set the timer for an hour again and pulled everything out.  Cleaned the skirting boards, hoovered and mopped the floor and then started putting back only what was really necessary.

The baskets both contain family photos and albums, most of which have been pulled out to sort through and are all in a bag in the sewing room awaiting my attention. I cleaned what was here and put the baskets back.  I'm hoping that once I've sorted through all of the photos I can reduce everything to fit into one basket only and then I'm going to store it under the mattress in the divan storage, if it fits, so that it doesn't gather so much dust.

I cleaned and tided the bedside table next, which is actually a small ottoman and holds various fabrics and linens. I had a look through the contents and relocated what was in here leaving it empty. I couldn't think what to put in here, but I'm sure something will occur to me at some point or I may decide to leave it empty, as I would eventually like the bedside table to match the rest of the bedroom furniture, if I can get one of these on eBay too.

Here's a picture of the corner after I'd finished. Nice and simple.

I then moved on to the beauty station.  As previously posted, the before looked something like this.

After a good sort through, a good clean and organisation of everything into my new beauty storage, it now looks like this,

The ottoman box is a different one to the one that was here before and yes, I have to admit I've gone a bit YouTube beauty vlogger here, with the clear acrylic storage.

The storage itself, was from Habitat, who were having a 25% off day the other week and I'd had my eye on these office storage solutions on the website for a while.  The box, which contains my bottles, tubes and aerosols is actually a CD holder, but perfectly contains all of the larger beauty items I use regularly. I'm hoping to reduce these items down further, as I use up and don't replace some of the items currently in here.

The drawers are a perfect size to contain all of my makeup.  I have a drawer for face and eyes,

a drawer for lips

and a drawer for compact mirrors and nail accessories.  Again, I'm hoping to reduce the contents of these drawers over the next few months.

The drawers and small lidded containers, holding cotton pads and cotton buds, shield the contents from dust, which is much more practical.

Spare toiletries (i.e. my stash) are still kept on the shelf below, and a bit of a reallocation of storage, freed up the pretty fabric basket for the purpose.

The large basket of scarves, gloves, snoods, etc., I have now moved into the wardrobe out of the way. Many of these will be stored away until the autumn, once the weather gets warmer and I'm looking to reduce them down too, as there are far more than I can and do wear in here.

This now shows off my lovely vintage fabric covered ottoman. (This too, is filled with fabric, but I didn't go through this, as I had done so not long ago) If I do eventually acquire the dressing table that I'm looking out for, this will become the stool and will be kept neatly tucked underneath.

In addition, the dressing table will have two small drawers and lots of things, such as the nail varnishes and my stash, will hopefully fit inside and be completely out of sight. I'm even thinking of getting rid of all of my nail varnishes, as I hardly ever wear them and want to move towards 'Five Free' nail varnishes that don't contain formaldehyde and other pretty nasty chemicals when I do.

This area now feels a lot tidier and much more restful on the eye, but there is room for more improvement in the future.  I only managed to find 2 or 3 things to donate from this part of the spring clean, but better this than nothing and they have been added to the pile.

My next post on this project will involve the cleaning the inside and outside of the wardrobe and corner where the laundry basket stands, as I make my way around the room.


  1. Well done you. Now comes the hard bit - to keep it tidy!

    1. I'm hoping that once I've finished this blitz and got the storage in the new bed organised, that this will make cleaning this room much easier to do on a more regular basis.

  2. Gorgeous job on the Beauty Station.

    Your bedroom cleaning will be done in no time.

    God bless.