Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Onwards with the Bedroom Deep Clean

Today was a lovely day here in London, with bright blue skies and sunshine for most of the day which made a change.  It has to have been the best day so far this year.

Inspired by the warmer weather, I decided to continue with the bedroom deep clean and see if I could get some more done before we go on holiday.

I'd cleaned my side of the room a couple of weeks earlier and the bed area got blitzed at the weekend when the new bed came, so it was the turn of  the wardrobes, windows, and the corner where I keep the laundry basket.  I didn't take a before photo, as I just like to get stuck in.

Up the ladder I went and cleaned the top of my wardrobe, then I removed every item of clothing and all of the shoes and cleaned the inside shelves too.  I sifted through everything as I put all the clothes back and pulled out any thick sweaters and coats, to be packed away until the autumn.  I'm probably being a bit optimistic here, but hopefully the weather is now changing and they will no longer be needed. 

Here's a picture of the finished result.  There would ordinarily be more clothes in here, but most  of my holiday clothes are packed in a suitcase, ready to go.

Once everything was back in, I started on OH's wardrobe.  I managed to clean the top and the front in the time I had, but I still need to empty the contents and clean the inside.  

I cleaned the inside of the bedroom windows, the skirting boards around to the wardrobes, before hoovering and mopping the floors, including underneath OH's wardrobe.

It took me a couple of hours in total, but it's another part of the room completed.  I'm not sure I'll get much more done this week, as the rest of the house will be the priority before LB's friends come for a sleepover on Maundy Thursday.

Here's a picture of the overall area which although not looking very different, is now much cleaner and better  organised.

A  few more bags got put in the under bed storage, which is now filling up, but there shouldn't be too much more to go in here.  Just a couple of boxes/baskets of things, that I still need to sort and sift through.

Next it will be the inside of OH's wardrobe and the tall boy chest of drawers next to it to clean, followed by OH's side of the room. I've got some new scented drawer liners, that I was given as a gift at Christmas, so this will be a good opportunity to put them to good use.

I'm looking forward to completing the deep clean of this room, wherein I will  have sifted through virtually everything and left no stone unturned.   Although I realise that I will  probably repeat this numerous more times, for the moment I am very happy in the knowledge that nothing will be in here that I don't want to keep.

Is anybody else spring cleaning?


  1. That's 2 posts this evening that have written about deep cleaning the bedroom. I sorted out my dressing table drawers today and got rid of a few items to the CS.

    1. Must be something in the air. Maybe it's ahead of Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners on TV tonight. It's got us all in the mood to deep clean.

  2. No spring cleaning in the house yet but we (mainly Dan) has prepared the former lawn. Our spring clean will start once the roof is on, dealing with the damp marks, painting the ceilings and generally getting everywhere looking good.

  3. Very inspiring! I really need to do a thorough going-through of my wardrobe and chest of drawers but haven't quite been able to gee myself up for it, but your tidied spaces make me hanker after the same! Time to do some work for me...x

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