Thursday, 3 March 2016

Project 10 Pan - More Progress

I'm pleased to say that Project 10 Pan, whereby I'm focussing on hitting pan or using up, certain beauty products that have been lingering in my collection for far too long, has progressed a little in the last month.

Since my last post last month, another item from the 10 mentioned in my original post on this project, has been finished, namely this Beauty Kitchen Lemongrass Hand and Body Lotion. I bought it way back in April/May last year and it was one of the first more natural beauty products I purchased, after deciding to use these types of products.  It came in a set with a handwash, which was used up months ago.

I used this solely as a hand cream, but was never particularly  keen on the smell, as I find lemongrass products a little too strongly scented for my taste, but I persevered and used it up.

I've kept the pretty blue plastic bottle for possible reuse in making my own products, but the pump I recycled, as it was too gunked up with cream and not easy to clean properly.

I do find that the great thing about making some of your own products, is that you can reuse many different pieces packaging you get from bought products.  So long as the labels are removable, and they can be cleaned relatively easily, once cleaned out, most can be re-purposed and I have a basketful of them awaiting just the right project.

There are still 8 products left to use up, a couple of which are nearing their end.  I'll post again once a little more progress has been made.

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