Monday, 14 March 2016

A Small My Pure Shop

Last week,  I decided to place a pre-holiday order with My Pure, an on-line natural cosmetics company. I've ordered quite a few things from them over the last year, since I've been using more natural products and have always found the service they provide to be excellent, and their prices very reasonable.

There were a few things I wanted to order in time for our holiday in two weeks time.  The main thing was a new travel soap dish as my current one had cracked.  I've had it for many years, in fact I think I bought it for OH about 10 years ago. He never used it, but I've had a lot of use from it.  It was made of a very brittle plastic and once dropped, a big crack appeared which causes leaking.

I'd looked out for one in a few places, but the ones I'd seen had not really been very good quality, so when I saw the one My Pure had on their website, I decided to order it.  I read the reviews and they were very positive, stating that it was a good size that would take a larger bar of soap. This was important as I use Dr Bronner's soap which is quite big, so it was important that it would fit in.

Whilst looking at the range, I noticed that they did several travel containers, so I decided to also buy a travel toothbrush holder and a tampon case to match.  (TMI I know, but it's useful and causes minimum embarrassment to have a discrete container for these in my handbag).

As I probably won't need to use the latter for that many more years, it was reassuring to know that it can also be used for earphones, pills, jewellery, etc., when travelling, so I should hopefully always be able to find a use for it.  I got the Caviar colourway, which is black, which I like, but there are lots of other colours available. Here's a picture of them.

When they arrived, I was really pleased with them and even more so, when I read the packaging and realised that they were made with 50% recycled materials and were 100% recyclable, which is very reassuring.  They are supposed to be unbreakable, which is potentially another advantage, although only time will tell on this score, and they have tabs that allow you to lock them shut to avoid the contents spilling out during travel.  They may be a little more pricey than some I've seen in the shops, but I'm super happy with the quality and can't wait to start using them this holiday.

As we travel quite a lot, both in the UK and abroad, to holiday and visit family, items like this are quite important to me and get well used, so I don't mind paying a little more.  At £3.99 for each case, they were a bit more than I probably would have liked to pay, but with a 10% off voucher code I had from a previous order, this made them just over £10 for the three.

Also in this order were a couple more packets of vegan natural dental floss from the same brand, Radius. I don't need these desperately, but as I was placing an order and postage was free, I stocked up on a couple, to save potentially paying postage if I have to order them elsewhere in the future and also to benefit from 10% off again. I love this floss. It definitely helps keep me flossing regularly.

The final item I purchased was a new Lavera Eyebrow Styling Gel in the colour Hazel Blonde.  I'm currently using this, but it is running out and I wanted to make sure I had one to take away with us.  I like this product as it is so quick and easy to apply. At £10.50 it is fairly pricey, but definitely worth it for a natural  product, although once again I did get 10% off this price, making it a little cheaper.

On account of spending (just) over £30 (before 10% discount was applied), I was able to claim a free gift, and on this occasion I chose this set of two Hurraw organic, vegan lip balms, one in Vanilla Bean and one in Earl Grey.  I may give the vanilla one away as a gift, as vanilla isn't my favourite flavour in cosmetics, and I have a couple of lip balms still to use, but the Earl Grey one I'll probably keep for my own use as the flavour sounds very interesting. If I can get extras when ordering things I use anyway, I'm always happy to do so.

My Pure also popped a free Madara Organic Moisture Fluid sample in the box and another 10% Voucher code for my next order, which was very kind.

They are definitely a company worth considering if you like to purchase natural beauty products and I am not being sponsored in anyway in saying this.  Just passing on my experience as a customer.  All orders of £8.50 or more get free delivery, which in itself is very good.  Check them out at  Please note this is NOT an affiliate link.


  1. The cases look like they are a very good quality. I don't mind paying more for something that is built to last and with 10% of you did very well.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks Jackie. I agree and am pleased that I bought them.

  2. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Hurraw, they really seem to divide opinion. I've not used them myself. I will try some of the dental floss, thanks for pointing me in that direction.