Sunday, 6 March 2016

Taking It Easy This Weekend

This weekend has been about taking it easy.  After LB's performances in the week and three long 14 hour days at school, we were happy to just let her sleep in and chill.

On Saturday, I spent most of the day doing laundry and ironing, which although not very exciting, did get those jobs up to date, which will mean there will be less to do this week.

OH did have one thing planned for us, as he had months ago bought tickets to the World Track Cycling Championships, here in London at the Olympic Velodrome, so last night we headed there.

It was a very entertaining evening with some great racing and we got to see cycling stars such as Mark Cavendish, Jason Kenny and Laura Trott perform their magic.  Chris Hoy was also present as a pundit, sat alongside Clare Balding.  It was a great atmosphere and a good night out. (If a little expensive, although it was his treat!)

Today, I decided not to go to my class at the gym, partly because it was Mother's Day, partly because LB was still tired and I didn't want to drag her there with me and partly because it wasn't the usual instructor there today, so I rang and cancelled.  I'm there for two classes in the morning, so I don't feel too guilty.

Instead, we had a late morning walk with the dog and had a lazy Sunday for a change.

LB made me some lovely Mothers' Day gifts, namely some home made cookies and a candle, which in true zero waste style, was made from a Nutella jar and bits of left over wax from some candles I'd used recently. It's very pretty and I shall look forward to burning it.

She also bought a couple of other things for me i.e. chocolate and some pens, for using with my daily planner. Very thoughtful.

I popped out to ASDA in the afternoon, as you do, as things still need to be bought, in this case, food for the dog.  Why is it that several other things always get put in your basket? One of life's big mysteries.  I think I prefer staying home and not spending money.

As our local Poundland is right next door, I couldn't resist a visit and I might have found a few more books! I just finished another one I bought from there today and it was good. Three in a row and I've liked them all. I couldn't resist looking for any other interesting titles. These three jumped into the basket of their own accord - honest!

Okay, I admit it, I'm a shameless book hoarder, but a sharing caring one, as I pass most of them on after I've read them, so they're not actually adding to our clutter, well maybe temporarily.

I did also buy myself some new bras from ASDA, as I find the ones I get from there generally fit pretty well and are really inexpensive. I haven't tried them on yet, but if they don't fit, they'll be going back, as will a certain pair of black jeans I also bought myself, as my current pair from there are getting very faded now, after having them for a few years.  Still useful for dog walking, and gardening, etc., but not really for wearing whilst going out and about.  At £14 the new ones were very reasonable and were on my wishlist, as were the bras.

I hope that everyone celebrating had a lovely Mothers' Day.

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