Monday, 21 March 2016

More Sorting

Sunday afternoon, and the suitcase came down off the top of the wardrobe, with all of mine and LB's summer clothes in it, plus a few more things.

We both spent the whole of the afternoon, going through everything, trying everything on and deciding what still fitted and looked okay, and what was no longer flattering. Having sifted through, we decided to start our packing and made pretty good progress.  Just a few things to add in from the washing and ironing piles and we're there.

The moths had made a meal of a few things in the suitcase, although I don't know how they got in there. One particular dress that I'd kept for sentimental reasons, was one I wore for an evening out, when I first moved to London and was a size 10, believe it or not.  (I'm currently a size 16/18)

What was more surprising was that I could actually still get it on, as it is a long black stretchy body con number from Wallis (slightly more generous sizing I always found), but it wasn't a particularly good look, with or without heavy duty underwear.

LB tried it on and she quite liked it, so I'm going to shorten it to just above where the moths have made holes and she might wear it if a suitable occasion arises.  It made her look incredibly grown up.

Another lovely Ted Baker hot pink wool skirt that I've been keeping, even though I'll never be slim enough to get back into it, also got moth eaten, but I'm hanging onto it for now, as LB may decide to wear it one day and you never know, miracles can happen!

I'm keeping one other dress too, which is a vintage black crepe design that I can't get into, but which is so lovely that I can't bear to part with it yet. One has to live in hope, even if it is lost cause. Everything else that no longer fitted has been banished to the donation pile.  Nearly half a large suitcase full, so not bad going.

It was quite exciting getting the summer clothes out, as there are quite a few colourful items that will add a much needed burst of colour to my wardrobe.  I have to admit that I've gained a few pounds since last summer, but the up side is that some of the items actually now fit better, as they were a bit loose before.  They may now get worn, whereas before they tended to get overlooked.  I'd rather be a bit slimmer, but if they get a bit more wear, then at least that's a positive to come from a negative, if you know what I mean.

All things considered, I'm pretty happy with the clothes I've got at the moment.  I don't feel an urge to buy anything new.  I think that getting things down to a manageable level, with less decision making involved when I open the wardrobe door, will make getting dressed every morning much easier.  I may even get to the point where I don't have to store any items away for half the year, because they will all fit in my wardrobe year round.  Wouldn't that be something?

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