Wednesday, 22 July 2015

LB's Bedroom Makeover Begins

Day two of the summer holidays, and this year I promised LB that I would revamp her bedroom. It's nearly 3 years since it was painted and pristine, ready for her to move into from another bedroom that was slightly smaller.

I managed to find a couple of photos of her bedroom post the last makeover 30 or so months ago, when I very first started blogging.  It seems a long time ago now and it's frightening to see how much more stuff she has in her room now, in spite of several culls.


(Sorry about the blurriness of this photo)

Anyway, the room itself was decorated quite plainly and inexpensively.  Just a lick of paint really.  I made the rag rug and the duvet cover and covered the chair myself. The desk, which was an old IKEA one we'd used in an office, I covered with PVC coated cotton fabric as it was a bit scratched. OH made the wall shelves and added the clothes hanging rail.

Fast forward nearly 3 years and LB has now outgrown the pink/purple colour scheme.  It's all about pastels now and looking 'tumbleresque'.  So this summer holiday, it's out with the purple and in with a mint green and other pastel colours.

I decided to crack straight on with it at the beginning of the holidays, as I feared that if I left it too long, I might get distracted and not get around to it, and also I have very little money available to me this week, so getting busy painting, using materials we already have at home, keeps me from spending what I don't have.

Work started yesterday and while I was out with the dog, LB sorted through a whole lot more stuff. We then moved all of the furniture to the right hand side of the room and made space to do some painting. I'm only actually re-painting a couple of walls as the woodwork is all okay, and the other two walls, which are white, are okay too.

Once we'd moved everything aside I masked the skirting boards and window frame and laid some decorating sheets ready to get started.  Above is the room prepped and ready to go, and below is what it looked like after the first coat of white emulsion was (almost) completed.

I can't say painting is my favourite pastime, (OH usually does it) but the first coat went on quite quickly.  It's not the most even coverage, but I think at least one more coat of white and possibly two of mint green will be necessary to cover the purple, so I wasn't too worried.  It felt good to get started anyway.  As you can see from the photo, there where a few areas I couldn't quite reach, so I will need to get the ladders out and tackle these before I go onto the next coat of white, but sometimes making that first step towards doing something is the hardest and most important part, as it spurs you into action and just getting on with the task in hand.

I'll post again as work progresses.


  1. LB will have a lovely room when you are done. I really like the shelves and hanging rack.

    Have fun!!

    God bless.

    1. Thanks Jackie, it's progressing slowly.

  2. It's going to be fabulous x

  3. Her room look so lovely in the 'before' pic. Look forward to seeing the new results.

    1. It wasn't quite so uncluttered as that when we started as she seems to have accumulated a lot of stuff in the last couple of years, but as she's been sending quite a lot to the charity shop lately, I'm hoping for a good result.