Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Cleaning Up

After spending a couple of days in a lovely clean and minimalist villa at Centre Parcs, coming back home the house seemed incredibly grubby.  In all honesty, I was feeling this way about it before we went away for the weekend, but just couldn't find the motivation to tackle it.

Back now, suitably rested and with two weeks until the summer holidays, I've decided to tackle the house and try to clean as much of it as I can and get it in some sort of order. I'm starting with my desk at kitchen table.  Today, I'm going to do as much of the paperwork as I can, significantly reduce my pending pile and will then get started proper on the cleaning.

First on my list will be the bathroom. It definitely needs a clean and a burst of cleaning will have the added advantage of using up more of the non-natural cleaning products I have left. There's something wonderful about having a clean and pristine bathroom. A relaxing bath in one feels much more relaxing. I must admit that since I've been using more natural bath products, the bath definitely doesn't seem to get as dirty as it used to. I think perhaps it's the bicarbonate of soda in my bath bombs, that seem to leave it cleaner than when I get in it. An unexpected advantage of changing to more natural products.

I can't really say the same for the bathroom sink, but we are still using some regular products here, i.e. soap (my last regular bar), shaving foam, toothpaste, LB's facial wash, etc. It does, however, seem to take a little longer to get as dirty.

Sometimes I just feel like I want to look after my home and the things in it and giving it a good and thorough clean is my way of languishing a bit of love on it. In a world where there are so many more interesting distractions, I probably don't do it often enough, but when I do get the urge I just have to act on it before it recedes.

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  1. Since Harvey has been doing so very much work in the yard, my house never seems to be clean enough for me.

    Hopefully as the fence is almost done, and once the yard is cleaned of all bits and pieces of his work, things will get back to normal.

    God bless.