Sunday, 26 July 2015

A Weekend Getting Things Done

This weekend has been one where we've just got on and got things done, which has been very satisfying.  After it taking most of the week to paint LB's bedroom, doing a coat each day, by Friday it was finished and first thing Saturday morning I was in there and taking off the masking tape and removing all the covers. I then set about re-organising the furniture.  We decided on a complete move around of most of the furniture.

In the process of re-organising everything, lots of small overlooked areas were excavated and lots more stuff got put on the CS pile.  (The spare room/my sewing room is now piled high with stuff to take when I get around to it).  LB took the time to go through all of her old primary school exercise books, which she had kept.  She whittled them down to just a few that she wanted to keep.

The remainder I went through myself, to make sure I was happy to get rid of them and kept back just two more. I then went through all the half used exercise books and extracted the blank pages to use as scrap paper for making lists.  I always do this with LB's notebooks, as invariably she gets bored of them before they are full.  I managed to extract this huge pile of paper,

most of which I then trimmed up to shopping list size, ready for use. I should be okay for paper to make lists for a good few years!!

The bedroom is looking so much better. I quickly whizzed up a new cushion cover and a new laundry basket liner from fabric in my stash, to tie in with the new decor. We just need to get some new (inexpensive) blackout blinds next week and the new desk, but I'm not sure how long it will be before we get the desk, due to holidays pending and the expense thereof, so for the time being, we put another old IKEA table in there for her to use.  I'll post a picture when we get the new blinds up and it's looking a lot more co-ordinated.

After a busy morning, most of the afternoon was spent catching up on washing and ironing, which had started piling up this week, whilst I was busy doing other things. We rounded the day off eating popcorn and watching the film Identity Thief on Netflix, which was funny and a nice end to a busy day.

Sunday, this weekend, was a little different to our normal Sunday, in that I didn't go to the gym in the morning, so LB and I got a leisurely lie in for a change.  She was really pleased about this, as normally I drag her out with the dog and then off to the gym whilst I do a class. (She usually does her homework while she waits for me or goes for a swim) This week, however, my usual instructor wasn't going to be there, so I thought I'd give the class a miss and give LB a break.

Sunday morning was therefore a bit more leisurely.  OH still went off cycling with his club and we still walked the dog, but did so later in the rain and without any time restraints.  In fact we walked her up to the high street, to do a couple of errands.  I had a parcel to be returned via a collection point and a couple of letters to post.  LB  had to exchange something at Primark, that she'd bought in the wrong size the week before.  On the way back, I called at the local greengrocers and got the fruit and veg part of the weekly shop.

Not a lot else really got done for the rest of the day, partly because of the rain, save for more ironing and putting away of laundry. At least I've now got right on top of it and can enter week two of the summer holidays with no pressing domestic chores.  We are heading off up to Yorkshire towards the end of this week, to visit family, which will make it a short week and be a nice change.   I think we're all looking forward to getting out of London for a few days.


  1. You just have to love weekends where you can get everything done.

    Good going on all the scrap paper!

    God bless.

  2. very productive. Have fun in Yorkshire !

  3. Enjoy yorkshire - wrap up well, raining and cold here today.