Thursday, 30 July 2015

An Unexpected Free Tuesday

This Tuesday I was granted an unexpected day to myself, to get on with various bits and pieces.  LB had been invited to stay over at her friend's house the night before, which was nice for her in the holidays, and I pretty much knew that I wouldn't see much of her the next day, as she would be hanging out with her friend.

It felt quite nice not to worry or feel guilty about keeping her entertained for the day, although she can pretty much entertain herself these days.  I started the day with a bit of a lie in and read my book which is always nice.  I'm currently reading this book by journalist Caitlin Moran.

It's very entertaining, but I would say that it is quite graphic in terms of language and sexual references.  Not something that I would want LB to read just yet. It's a kind of modern feminist account of what it's like to be a woman these days and I have to admit that I do completely agree with quite a bit of what she has written.  I enjoyed reading a very honest account of her life and experience and it is interesting to hear a new generation of feminists talking about women's issues.

My peace was eventually interrupted by the dog, who unusually appeared upstairs and demanded that I play with her. She's such a baby sometimes.  I then got up and showered and headed downstairs for breakfast.

As I checked my email, I was pleased to have received an email from a friend up in Yorkshire, who I was meaning to contact that very day, to tell her that we'd be up at the weekend, so I took a bit of time to reply to it, to let her know our news and plans and then I headed out with the dog for an hour.

We had a good walk and came back home.  OH was out too, visiting a client all morning, so I had the house to myself, which made a nice change.  I finished a few blog posts, caught up on some blog reading and watched a few YouTube videos, all whilst having a leisurely cup of tea and then headed upstairs to sort out some washing and pack for our weekend away.  We head off on Thursday morning, so only another day to go.  You can tell I'm looking forward to getting away, as usually this is a last minute throw stuff into a case scenario.

After lunch, I popped up to the library, as I had a book to return.

I took this book out whilst there. I'm always interested in another writer's take on decluttering.  It's only a small book.  I can probably read it over the weekend.  Later I went off to the allotment to check it over and harvest anything that was ready.  I also did a spot of impromptu blackberry picking as there are a lot of bushes around the perimeter of the site.

They'll make a nice jelly or jam when I get back from our weekend away.  I've frozen them for now, but there are about 2lbs of them, which would cost a lot if I had to buy them.  It's always great to find some free food.

When I got home, I baked another rhubarb cake to use up some rhubarb from my last visit to the allotment the other week, hung out some washing and got started with making the dinner before heading out to pick LB up from her friend's house.

It felt good to have an unexpected day to myself in the summer holidays and I did quite a few things that I wouldn't probably otherwise have done.


  1. It's surprising how much can be done when you are by yourself. Well done.

  2. I love days like this. Enjoy your weekend away.

  3. Lovely & relaxing. I might do a spot of blackberrying this weekend too x