Monday, 13 July 2015

A Weekend of Interrupted Sleep

I'm feeling a little tired today, following a weekend of interrupted sleep.  Friday night's lack of sleep was caused by the police helicopter constantly circling the streets around where I live until after midnight.  Probably looking for someone absconded from the scene of a crime.  It happens periodically. One of the perks(!) of living in the metropolis.  I had to get out of bed and shut the window in LB's room, just in case anyone tried to climb in!

Saturday and I was feeling pretty tired and grumpy most of the day and even took myself off to bed for an hour's nap.  I felt a bit better afterwards and was determined to get a good night's sleep later that night.  Fate, however, had other ideas as there just happened to be a party going on in a flat up the road, where everyone was spilling out into the garden, chattering, laughing, etc.  The fact that it was a hot night didn't help as windows needed to be left open and the sound carried more.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for people having fun and having the occasional party.  The timing stank though and the fact that it went on until 4 am didn't help either.  Call me petty, but I was very tempted the next morning to stand outside the flat and talk loudly while they were trying to sleep it off.  Needless to say I didn't.  I consoled myself with the idea that the pile of beer cans littering the garden would be a nice little hangover cure for them.

Finally, Sunday night came and I still didn't fare much better. Random thoughts kept going through my mind and another afternoon nap earlier in the day made it difficult for me to drop off.  In the end I got up and took a Dr Bach's Rescue Remedy Night Melt that I'd bought from Approved Foods.  I'd not yet tried them and thought I may as well give them a go, as they were supposed to help in this sort of situation.  They must have worked, because I managed to drop off to sleep shortly afterwards, but I'm still suffering a bit from the accumulated effects of the weekend as a whole.  Hopefully, I'll be feeling more myself by my next post.


  1. Sorry for your lack of sleep. I understand exactly what you are going through.

    I sometimes (okay about once a month) suffer through bouts of insomnia that last three to four days.

    The three or four days after such a bout leave me utterly drained and with no energy what so ever.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks for your sympathy Jackie. Lack of sleep does strange things to you, it makes you realise how important it is for good health.

  2. Horrible Horrible. I go through nights like this & feel drained & emotional.
    I guess we all partied & kept folk awake at some stage !

    1. Yes, very true. I don't begrudge them a good night. I just get cranky when I'm tired.