Friday, 24 July 2015

A Small Natural Beauty Order

In a previous post about natural beauty,  I mentioned that I was looking for a more natural sunscreen this month, in time for our summer holidays.  After trying out some testers in a local natural beauty store, I finally decided to buy a cream that I had seen the week before on a new to me natural beauty website.  The one I plumped for was this one by Lovea.

It is SPF 30, 12% organic, water resistant and made from 100% natural ingredients.  When I went back to the website where I had originally seen this, there was an offer on and it was reduced to £12.99 (from £17) which although is a lot of money for a small bottle (125mls), I figured it would be enough to start us off. There were over 150 positive reviews of this product on the website, which was probably what finally sold it to me and I can always buy some more when we are away, as there may be more options available where we are going.

I also purchased a 5ml sample of an Accorelle Sun Gel which is also SPF 30, 100% natural and 85% organic. It is intended for use on the face and I think that a gel might be preferable to a cream for ease of use in this regard.  Having said this, when I took a look at the gel, it's not as gel like as I expected, but it will be interesting to try this.

Also included in this order was a new eye cream, namely this Reviving Eye Cream by Skin Blossom. As I mentioned in last month's favourites, I am currently using a face wash from this brand and finding it very gentle on my skin. This product had quite good reviews and was less than £5 so I was happy to give it a go.  I am currently using an eye gel from Yes to Cucumbers and although it is okay, I don't feel it is doing anything in particular, was more than twice the price of this and also has some small gel lumps in it which means I can only use it at night and not under makeup. Needless to say, I was not intending to repurchase this, although it was gentle and inoffensive to my skin.

Another purchase in this order was a medium concealer from Alva.  I've not tried anything from this brand before and am still looking for a natural concealer that agrees with my skin.  Looking at the texture of this one, I'm not sure it will fare any better than previous ones, but the proof will be in the trying. I'll let you know if it turns out to be a good choice.

Finally, I ordered a few samples with this order, namely for a Madara Time Miracle Eye Cream, a Kosmea Organic Rose Hip Oil (I've heard lots of really good reports of this being used instead of a moisturiser, so wanted to try it on my skin, without the cost outlay for a full bottle) and lastly a Sophyto Total Protection Serum.  I bought this one as I am still looking for a serum/moisturiser and after watching an unboxing video on YouTube, I know that this is one of the items in the current TVK Vegan beauty box, so if I like it I would definitely consider buying this quarter's box as this serum retails at £28 and the box is only £18 and contains four other vegan products.   All of the samples (save for the Acorelle Sun Gel) cost just 50p or something similar, so they are definitely worth a try at that price.

The last item that came with this order was a free gift of this Balance Me intensive anti-wrinkle repair cream for mature and very dry skin.  I already have a lip tint by this brand that I got free with a magazine, which I like.  Again it is 99% of natural origin and also contains hyaluronic acid which I've heard a lot about and am interested to try on my skin.

An exciting box of items to try. I'll try to report back on any particular favourites.  Delivery is free from this particular website which is

Please note this is NOT a sponsored post.  My opinions are my own and based on my personal experience of products.


  1. Look forward to seeing how the suncream and gel are.

  2. Some nice items to try. Please keep us informed as to how they all perform.

    God bless.