Thursday, 30 July 2015

An Afternoon in the Garden

Wednesday afternoon, prior to heading off for the weekend, I decided to spend an afternoon in the garden.  There were a few small  jobs that I really wanted to tackle, one being to take some rubbish to the tip and another to re-pot some pepper plants for putting in at the allotment.  These are the last plants that I have grown from seed this year and will act as fillers when I take out the last of the potatoes next week.

I started off with the re-potting as I wanted the plants to settle in over the weekend, so that I could plant them out next week when we get back.  I then put all the rubbish in the car ready to take to the tip.  As is usually the case when you remove rubbish that has been standing around for a while, there was a build up of leaves behind where it had been stored and in other corners of the decking, so I decided to have a good sweep around the place and leave everything tidy before we went away.

I also decided to cut down some plants that had gone over before they started self seeding all over the place and do a bit of weeding in one of the beds to tidy things up a little.

We have been visited by a number of small frogs and toads of late, and the dog has had fun trying to catch them. The odd one has met a sad and sorry end, but we try hard to prevent her from harming them and often catch them and put them over the fence into next doors garden, as they have a pond there.  As I was sweeping up I came across two little guys, one of whom I managed to direct onto the lawn and away from where the dog hangs out and the other wouldn't be helped and escaped into my greenhouse.  He'll have to take his chances with the dog some other time.

After taking the rubbish to the tip, I finished off by feeding and watering my tomato and other plants before we go away.  I'll possibly water again in the morning if it doesn't rain tonight, just to make sure they'll be okay.

It's nice to now look out and see the garden looking a bit tidier.

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