Thursday, 23 July 2015


Following on from Thrift Deluxe's lovely post last week about things to be glad about, I have decided to do my own post in a similar vein.

This week, I am glad that.... is now finally the summer holidays from school.  LB is around on a daily basis, there is no strict routine to follow and no school uniform to wash and iron in time for Monday morning.

....there are little tomatoes are starting to appear on my tomato plants.  So exciting. LB has a bicycle that she enjoys riding. (OH bought her one a few weeks ago when we went to Center Parcs) We can now get out on our bikes and go for leisurely bike rides during the summer holidays.

.... I cleaned the house last week on account of LB having friends to sleep over on the last day of term, so I can now sit back and enjoy it.

....I am taking a more minimalist approach to life and reducing the clutter.  It gives me much more room to breathe.

What are you glad about?


  1. Lovely post. We all have so much to be glad about in our lives.

    God bless.

  2. That's lovely. I'm glad about a great deal of things too x