Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Stoptober - Week 3

I can hardly believe that I am now at the end of week three of the Stoptober challenge, whereby I'm cutting out any unnecessary spending (well most of it anyway).  It was particularly important that I did it this month, as I had a really tight month ahead of me, due to some expenditure on my credit cards in the previous month.  Stoptober came just at the right time for me and has really helped me to focus on not spending money unnecessarily, so that I could reasonably comfortably get through the month and not feel despairing about my plight.

It really has helped me too, as the month seems to have gone by quite quickly so far, which isn't the normal scenario when you are absolutely broke.  I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel with just over a  week to go.

This week of the challenge has probably been one of my best so far.  I did spend a few pounds here and there over the weekend, but far less than I probably would had I not been on the challenge.  My largest expenditure this month over and above food and household items has been some car park vouchers for the gym, which at £12, wasn't too drastic and couldn't be avoided as I had virtually run out.  I now have very little money to get me through the next week, but I'm keeping positive and busy and who knows,  it might even be my best week yet.  Let's hope so. 

Having said all of the above and despite wishing that Stoptober had caused an epiphany and changed me forever, I am starting to look forward to being able to go to the shops again, I think I might be having withdrawal symptoms.  I just need to make sure that when I do resume normal life that I don't go too mad and buy everything in sight!


  1. I thought you'd like to know that October has 8 weeks in it this year so you've got a few more weeks of the challenge to do!!

    Just thought I'd help out a bit here and stop you going 'too mad'.

    1. What calendar are you working from, glad I don't have one! Appreciated the thought though.