Thursday, 2 October 2014

School Shoes Blues

I received a text from Little Bird yesterday lunchtime, it read  'my souls are breaking'  (sic).  I was a little concerned and wasn't quite sure what to make of it.  I assumed that she was having trouble with her shoes and texted back that I'd have a look at them when she got home.  When she did get home I did have a look.

Her new school shoes had lasted for all of four weeks, before being virtually unwearable.  The first proper day of rain and the sole started coming away from the shoe, causing it to flap as she walked.
In addition, the heels had worn down to beyond the rubber in the same amount of time.  Surely, this shouldn't be the case. 

I was pretty disappointed.  I liked the shoes and could have got them repaired, but I wasn't prepared to, after only after 4 weeks wear and promptly returned them to the shop where I bought them. To their credit, they didn't quibble over a refund, but that still leaves me with the problem of finding another pair.  I may even have to pay a little extra and get a better quality pair from Clarks or the likes, which isn't a great start to Stoptober, but needs must.

As things have settled a little at school, LB is getting away with wearing a pair of black ankle boots for now, although I don't know how long she'll be allowed to so do, so I still need to find her another pair of shoes.  It might mean a trip to the mall this weekend, so I will have to be very strict and not get distracted by anything else whilst there.  Hopefully, eventually we will find a pair of shoes that will take the strain and last beyond a few weeks.


  1. I relied on Clarkes for school shoes - by the end of secondary school Joe was in adult sizes but I managed to get them in the sales !

    1. Sometimes it's worth sticking with something tried and tested. Live and learn.