Monday, 20 October 2014

Feeling Better

Well, I'm feeling a bit of a fraud, as my cold only lasted a couple of days and I was then feeling a lot better, but I'm nevertheless pleased that it wasn't any worse.  Incidentally, thank you to those who wished me a speedy recovery and an enjoyable weekend.  Both came to fruition and we are now safely back in London, ensconced in our normal day to day life.  First things first, I watched Strictly on Catch Up, followed by a bit of a blog reading catch up too.

The weekend was very enjoyable.  It was lovely to catch up with relatives.  The dog was a little badly behaved and kept running off and escaping.  Friday night was spent looking for her in nearby woodland in the pitch dark.  She was eventually found, thank goodness, but this is the second incident in the last month and as she doesn't have a tag on her collar (it got lost), a new one had to purchased and engraved for her, just in case it happens again and we can't find her.  (She is micro chipped, but a tag does make it easier for anyone who might find her to contact us).

Following the 'lost dog in the night incident', Little Bird and I had a good walk with her on Saturday morning to the village where I grew up, whilst OH went out on a long cycle ride with a local cycling club.  LB and I thus had the chance to visit some old haunts from my childhood together, which was very enjoyable and not really something that we often get to do.  A visit to a family grave in the local graveyard led to an interesting discovery, that a once crooked headstone had been straightened.  A very nice surprise.  I'm not sure by whom just yet, but once I've made a few enquiries, I will be emailing my thanks to whomever I find has been responsible.

Saturday afternoon was spent in the town centre, where I did spend a little money and bought a new battery for my watch as it keeps stopping, plus a bargain pair of cute Christmas PJ bottoms for Little Bird (£2), which was a bit naughty during Stoptober. 

Saturday evening we went to Hull Fair.  No photographs this year, as I didn't want it to get too repetitive and my camera battery died on me too.  We had a nice time walking around though.  Little Bird and OH went on a few rides and stalls (I don't have the stomach for rides these days) and we generally enjoyed soaking up the atmosphere.  I treated myself to a toffee apple, but otherwise didn't really spend any money.

Sunday was spent visiting the local Car Boot at which I spent the massive sum of £4.50 on a Sunday newspaper, some flowers for said straightened gravestone and a scarf for 50p.  Has to be my record in terms of least spent at a CB, which is progress indeed.  This was followed by a visit to my sister and her family.  It was good to catch up, before making the journey back to London. 

A busy weekend, but definitely a good one.


  1. You had a lovely visit. Busy, but lovely.

    God bless.

  2. sounds like a lovely time was had