Saturday, 22 June 2013

Patchwork Project Number 2

I have finally started my second and much larger patchwork project, I say finally, because the cut  squares have been sat in my 'to do' basket for 6 months waiting for me to feel inspired enough to start sewing them together.  After deciding to hand sew the quilt instead of machine sew it, I have made a start by attaching paper to the back of some squares and tacking it into place.  It is so relaxing to do it as I watch TV on an evening, it's almost become addictive.

I am then sewing the squares into nine square blocks before later attaching them together to make the quilt.  Here are some pictures of the blocks I've sewn already and some cut squares waiting to be done. 

I'm going to include some larger panels in the centre of the quilt with appliqued fabric shapes attached, which will be revealed in due course.  All of the fabric I'm using so far is what I have at home, so hopefully it will cost very little to make.  Some of the fabrics are slightly heavier as I anticipate it being used more in the autumn/winter/spring and as you can see the colours are quite wintery and dark.  I would say that maroon is the dominant colour, but there are a few brights added in to lift it a little.  I already have an old quilt cover to back it with, but I figure that stage is a long way in the future.   I'm not entirely sure how it will pan out yet or quite how large I will make it as it depends on the amount of fabric I have and whether or not I get fed up and make it smaller, but I will keep you posted on it's progress.

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  1. I like the colour scheme - perfect for cooler Autumn evenings.