Sunday, 30 June 2013

Allotment Corner

Saturday, and I made my way to the allotment again for a couple of hours.  There was only really harvesting to do as there is still no room to plant out anything else or sow any seeds.   I harvested a week's worth of lettuce.  There's probably another weeks worth left at the allotment so I will need to sow some more.

I dug up a few potato plants to give us enough potatoes to last the week,

and harvested a good crop of strawberries. 

I was particularly pleased at this as this is the first decent crop I have had since acquiring this allotment about 4 years ago.  There was still plenty left on the plants too.

I also harvested some broad beans,

but left quite a lot until they have grown a bit bigger. 

I planted out the couple of sweetcorn plants I'd bought at the school fete the day before.  I cut a few artichoke heads from the plant as they were weighing it down to the ground, before I proceeded to give the plants that needed it a really good watering and liquid feed.  The plot itself is still looking a bit mad.  I took a few pictures this visit.

These hollyhocks will be flowering soon.
When I got home I washed all the fruit and vegetables ready for use, (this is the least enjoyable part of growing your own veg, but a small price to pay) put the artichoke heads in water in a vase to decorate the living room and had a lovely big salad for lunch.


  1. I never got any strawberries as the slugs got to them first !

    1. Quite a few of mine went the same way and the gooseberries disappeared too which is a touch annoying. It seems to happen every year though so I get used to it. I should probably net everything but never do.