Thursday, 20 June 2013

Garden Freebies

Whilst walking the dog on Monday morning last week, I happened upon a large plastic planter left on the pavement outside of a house, along with lots of garden rubbish.  It was sat inside another the same, full of detritus to be thrown away, so I assumed it was being thrown out.  I carried on my way a few yards with the puppy and then I thought of how it could be really useful for something at home, so I headed back and lifted the other planter off it and took it home with me.  If I have misappropriated it I apologise now, but I'm pretty sure it was unwanted. 

It was the perfect container for growing on some lettuce seedlings I have had sitting in the green house for a while now.   Later the same afternoon when I had a bit of time to spare, I set to filling the planter with compost and planting out some of the lettuce seedlings.   I should have planted them out  a while ago now, but here's a picture of them planted up in the new container.  They are settling in nicely and I'm hoping they will eventually provide us with some lovely large curly lettuces.   Thank you, to whomever threw it out, rest assured it will be put to good use.

Fast forward to Friday of the same week and my monthly issue of Grow It magazine dropped onto the doormat.  Once again, as has been the case most months since I subscribed using my Tesco clubcard vouchers last year, it contained five different varieties of seeds that can be sown now.  This issue the seeds were Late Summer Sowers and included beetroot (Choggia) 60 seeds, cabbage (Greyhound) 100 seeds, kholrabi (Purple Delicacy) 30 seeds, lettuce (Mesclun Mix) 200 seeds and spinach (Matador) 165 seeds. 

I can't wait to sow the purple kholrabi as I love this vegetable.  It is super easy to grow and is great in casseroles, stews, etc. in the autumn/winter.  I must admit that I have had more than my money's worth from this particular subscription and I don't think I've bought any seeds whatsoever this year.  I really am impressed with it and may subscribe again next year if I have enough vouchers.


  1. That was a good haul. I've just had my co-op vouchers which are always useful though Joe managed to talk me into giving one to him and being a generous soul I did !

    1. I didn't realise that the Co-op do vouchers too. I must admit I rarely shop at one as there isn't one that close to us now. I hope you get something nice with yours.