Friday, 28 June 2013

A Wonderful Day at Wimbledon

Whilst not wanting to bore you about Wimbledon our visit on Tuesday was just fab.  We got there a little later than anticipated as we walked up the hill from the train station.  It was interesting to pass through Wimbledon village.  A very pretty place.  Most of the shops were getting into the spirit of the event with tennis balls in the shop window displays everywhere.


We missed the players warming up on the practice courts when the gates open at 10.30am, but did get there early enough to catch some play from some of the younger and unseeded players on the outdoor courts. 

It was good to note that the age of chivalry is not dead yet, although this young man looks like he's shading himself from the sun, not the player.

Wimbledon just wouldn't be Wimbledon with out this particular brand of squash.  Does anyone remember the adverts from the 1970's?  Makes you feel thirsty just looking at them on a warm day.
As 1pm approached we headed towards Centre Court

I was very kindly escorted to my seat by a very nice gentleman from the Royal Navy.  It made me feel very special even though he and other members of the armed forces did the same for many of the visitors.

Our seats were great, far better than the previous year with great views of the action.  We thoroughly enjoyed watching the first two matches seeing  Serena Williams (she's warming up here, hence the jacket).

Then Novak Djokovic who was given a bit of a run for his money in the second set, but is a seriously classy player.

We then ventured out to the outer courts again, but sadly the match I was wanting to catch had just finished, Alexandr Dolgopolov had won in three straight sets.  I just managed to catch him coming off court which was rather exciting, before heading off to Murray Mound where we saw Laura Robson's match point on the big screen. I then made my way over to Court 17 to watch another young player from Bulgaria, namely Grigor Dimitrov (who also happens to be Maria Sharapova's current beau).

I watched a few games of his match before we headed back into Centre Court once again to watch David Ferrer.

We had a fabulous day, some pretty expensive Pimms (but it was worth it) and very little to spoil it, save for a couple of invasions of my personal space, one by a child which is completely forgiveable  and one by a grown man who really should know better.

On the way home it was a lovely last treat to stumble upon the Gold postbox outside the grounds, painted in celebration of Andy Murray's Olympic Gold last year.

If you like watching tennis and you ever get the chance to go to Wimbledon, do take it, it has got to be one of the best days out on the sporting calendar.  I will definitely by applying for tickets in the ballot next year and if I'm lucky enough it will become a regular yearly outing.


  1. Had to smile at Serena in her perfect white jacket. My primary school teacher's name was Serena & we all adored her.

    Aah, Robinsons lemon barley - the taste of summer !

    Glad you had a great day. I caught the Hewitt / Brown match and have fallen in love ( lust ) with Dustin Brown who just made Wimbledon so much more watchable for me !

    What is happening though - the Big seeds getting knocked out so early !?
    Murray in with a good chance.

    I thought the gold post boxes had to be in their home town ?
    There was trouble here when a local publican painted a post box gold for Ben Ainsley here as he lives here - but is not from here. In the end the post office relented & painted it properly & pub owner not charged though think he did spend a night in a cell !

    Have you seen the film wimbledon ? It's rather sweet.

    1. Yes, it's turning out to be a strange year this year. Keeps it interesting I guess.

      I never really thought about the post box. I think he lives in the US now. I guess Wimbledon people must have adopted him for two weeks a year.