Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Jumble Sale Vintage Linens

A few weeks ago now I posted about a visit I'd paid to a local jumble sale and how I'd bought quite a few vintage table/bed linens and pretty aprons  for £2.  I didn't post pictures of most of the items I'd bought as there were a few stains on them and I wanted to wash them and see how they came out.

I washed them normally on a hot 60 degree wash for the whites and  a 40 degree wash for everything else, but unfortunately most of the stains didn't come out.  A week or so later I tried again, this time with a scoop of a stain remover I'd bought from Approved Food and never used.  Result.  This pretty table cloth came out much better.  There are still some very feint stains but they seem to blend in pretty well so are hardly noticable.  I may actually use this fabric for something else anyway as I like it so much.

This pretty little gingham pinny came out almost perfect too, save for what look like a couple of tiny nail varnish spills.  They too are hardly noticable though.   The floral pinny didn't come out quite as stain free though, but I still like it.  I may still try again using the stain remover and see what happens.

Another table cloth, which I have since decided I don't actually want to keep, but which has come out much better after the stain treatment, I will give to the charity shop and I may do the same for some  napkins.  All in all though, I am pretty happy with the haul and will be keeping most of the items which will be added to my vintage linen collection.

Have you picked up any bargains at a local jumble sale or car boot recently?


  1. These are so pretty and glad the stain remover helped ! At the charity shop, we have a 92 year old lady who makes us aprons & peg bags !

    One American customer bought five peg bags for her sisters !

    I'm pleased with my bargains yesterday - those box frames are so expensive in catalogues.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I hadn't written about Jess's eyebrows & lashes before as it was a terrible blow. ( no body hair either ) Bless her - so much to cope with. My heart breaks.
    Jess is a very quiet, unassuming girl & camp will be a huge challenge which I hope will bring out her inner confidence.

    Blogger friend's comments give so much comfort x

    1. Hi, when I read about Jess's latest blow I understood why you were feeling the way you were and not just worried about missing her, which I'd mistakenly assumed. I can imagine that it must have been a terrible shock to her and I can understand that it would cause you to worry for her. I would if it was my daughter.

      My own mum, over 20 years ago now, decided not to have chemo and I think she was worried about losing her hair and I wish now that I had done more to persuade her to go ahead and not worry about it, as sadly she died and I miss her a lot. I'm sure that Jess really appreciates all you do for her, she has a lovely mum.