Thursday, 23 May 2013

Health Food Shop Shopping

Last week I ventured into our local Health Food Shop, which I don't do that often, but am usually glad that I did and this visit was no exception.

Anyway,  I am occasionally prone to a bit of alternative therapy (in addition to seeking medical advice might I add) and on this occasion I came across a new to me product that might help my daughter in the long term.   As a consequence of some health problems, my daughter needs to take regular probiotics to help keep her digestive flora under control and as a consequence I tend to give her these by way of probiotic drinking yoghurts.  Of late her lunch box has been coming home with the yoghurt still in it, so I decided to take a look and see if I could find something that might help in this regard.  What I did find was this product, which is supposed to contain billions of active bacteria. 

They are chewable strawberry flavoured tablets and children need only take half or one per day.  At £10 they weren't cheap, but I thought I would give them a go as they are good value and will provide her with some relief from the 'chore' of drinking the same yoghurt every day.  I will still, however, buy yoghurts for her and put them in her lunch box from time to time but this product will allow her to take one every day very easily and will allow me to monitor her taking it.

Whilst buying this product I  noted that there was a Buy One Get One For A Penny offer on lots of other products in the store so I decided to pick up some of this wonderful Aloe Vera Gel.   I have had this before and it is a wonderful product for use on dry skin or other skin irritations.  I wish I'd had some a few weeks ago when my daughter got a bout of prickly heat and was very uncomfortable, despite attempts to relieve it with good old Calamine lotion.  (So reminds me of being a child!).  Anyway, I managed to get this large 200ml tube for 1p under this offer, instead of £6.99, which was definitely worth having.

I have also ventured into the Health Food Shop on other occasions and am a big fan of the Bach Flower Remedies sold in there.  I love the Rescue Remedy and have used this since having my daughter.   If ever I felt a bit low or anxious I would take a few drops and it might be psychological, but I always found it to be very calming.  I still use it now from time to time when particularly upset or stressed about something. You can also now buy it in chewable lozenge form, only be careful as my daughter had a habit of sneakily eating them, not that they did her any harm, but they are quite expensive to eat like sweets.  (They may even have had a good effect on her!)  More recently I invested in Bach's Emotional Eating Kit as pictured. I can't remember how much this cost, but the Rescue Remedy is usually around the £6 or £7 mark, so it was probably more expensive than this unless it was on special offer.

The idea is to take a few drops of each essence or one or other of the essences according to how you feel,  i.e. when you feel dislike for yourself or something about yourself (Crab Apple), fear losing control (Cherry Plum) or find yourself making the same mistakes (Chestnut Bud). (The last will probably run out first!)  I must admit that I have hardly used this kit since buying it, but have now pulled it out of the cupboard and will try to use it and hope it might stop me eating unnecessarily.  All these Bach products are easy to carry around in your handbag if necessary, but I find the whole concept really interesting and they do not taste at all unpleasant.

Whilst in the Health Food shop I also picked up one of their loyalty cards which I am yet to activate, but am very tempted to do so.  Perhaps I will make a habit of shopping there more often and trying different products now and again.  Let's face it, we can all do with a bit of a boost in the health department from time to time and if you can prevent some health problems by looking after yourself then I am all for it..


  1. Sorry to hear about your daughter's tummy problems & hope the strawberry tablets help. When Joe was at Primary school, he got caught lobbing his banana into a field - he hadn't been eating them at all !
    He & Jess used to hide their IQ ( fish oils ) tablets as they said their breath stank when taking them ! And Joe once ate a whole bottle of childrens' vitamin tablets !

    I read about giving excitable dogs Bach rescue remedy so tried it out on Dillon ! He's still hyper when I get ready to take him out and I need the rescue remedy !

    I just read about the benefits of Aloe jell.

    When I lived in Antigua I needed a wee while out once so went behind a bush. I got stung by some nettles.

    I was complaining about the nettle sting to a friend & a local man heard & cut me some Aloe to rub on the sting !
    ( Luckily I think he thought the stings were on my legs & not my bum ! )

  2. It is really good stuff. I can remember someone breaking off part of a plant to show me the lovely gel inside and how you can use it. I'm not good at indoor plants though. I think I over or underwater as they all seem to die on me otherwise I'd get one and use the natural stuff.

    Wow, you lived in Antigua, how exciting. I bet it was lovely out there.