Monday, 20 May 2013

A No Spend Sunday

This Sunday, I had a quiet but productive 'No Spend Sunday'.  I spent the day pottering about the house and garden catching up with jobs that needed doing and not spending any money. 

The day starts early on a Sunday for us as our daughter has Gymnastics training starting at 8.30 am so we have to be up and off to the sports centre with her.  This Sunday, for a change, I didn't go along and instead stayed home, read a few blogs, had a leisurely breakfast and took the dog for an hour long walk in the parks.  When I got back I finished painting my tea trolley and mirror (more in another post) for the bedroom and then set about digging over the border in the garden that I had started a few weeks ago.

Here's what it looked like before I started work on it.  (I'm afraid it isn't a great picture as it is taken from some distance away, but it is the only one I have).

It took a couple of hours but I managed to get it all dug over, the weeds and encroaching ivy dug out and I also managed to move a few plants, as some areas were a little overcrowded. 

Here's a picture of what it looked like afterwards.

I continued digging and hoeing around the rest of the garden to leave it all looking tidy and weed free.  My other half cut the grass later and then after a sweep of the decking the garden work was almost done.  I  watered all the pot plants, the seedlings in the green house and the newly planted front garden.  All that's left to do on our garden at home now is to move a couple more plants, buy a few new ones to add to the newly cleared border and add some more bark to the area where the new trampoline will go. 

As a treat for my hard work this morning I made myself a bacon sandwich for lunch before turning my attention indoors.  I did the washing up, put the dishwasher on and then emptied it, put some washing on and then hung it outside, cleaned the downstairs toilet and upstairs bathroom and then finally swept and mopped the floors and stairs before making dinner.

I do love days like these when you get caught up with lots of jobs and don't need to spend any money at all.  It feels very productive and satisfying.  Now at least I can sit back guilt free and watch the highlights of Chelsea Flower Show this week, without thinking I must do this/that/the other.

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