Monday, 13 May 2013

Bargain Beauty Post

The other week I popped along to a Boots Clearance Outlet that is a few miles from where I live.  I like to go there occasionally and sometimes you can get the odd bargain if you look around.  On my last visit, I managed to get some contact lens solution which was reduced because it's box was damaged. and I also got some last minute stocking fillers for Christmas, as my visit was a week or so before.  So, I headed up there again for the first time this year. 

There wasn't an awful lot that took my interest on the main shelves, but whilst looking around the makeup shelves I found a few things that interested me at really reasonable prices.

Firstly, I bought this 17 red lip stain in Berry Crush for £1.  I've never used a lip stain before so I was curious to see how effective they are.  It has some sort of lip balm on one end and a stain pen on the other.  I might be using it incorrectly, but I have been putting the colour on first and then putting the lip balm on over the top. 

I tried it the other way around but the lip balm seems to clog up the pen so I think I was right in the first place.  There's no instructions on the item itself might I add.  I've been quite pleased with it's staying power as it does tend to stay on even after I've eaten, but I have found my lips do get a bit dry on occasions.  I'm assuming I'm not using enough of the balm.  I quite like using it although the shade is a little darker red than I would normally use.  As a consequence, I would definitely consider using stains again in the future.

I also bought a couple of 17 nail varnishes in Tiger's Eye and Bolt from the Blue, that cost 50 pence each.  I liked both this pale icy blue, although it might be better for toenails than for finger nails, and this brown/nude type colour.  They may not be the colour of the season, but I think I might enjoy wearing these over the summer.

The final make-up items I bought for myself were this dark green No.7 eyeshadow and this Boots Botanics concealer stick for £2.  I tried the tester of the concealer and the colour match with my skin was pretty good.  I usually pay almost double this price for a concealer so I thought I would give it a try.

On my way to the till, I noticed a bowl on the counter which contained lots of jewellery.  I couldn't resist a good rummage and managed to find this lovely pair of navy blue ball studs.  I wear this type of earrings a lot and have them in lots of different colours, but I didn't have any in navy.  As I wear this colour a lot, I couldn't resist buying these for £1.  I also bought this pair of huge silver-coloured hoop earrings.  I'm not entirely sure that I will ever wear them as they are pretty enormous, but I just liked them at the time.  At only £1 I didn't mind taking a chance on them.

In addition to buying the above items for myself, I also purchased a few items for my daughter, which probably cost £4 or £5 in total for 7 different items of makeup and jewellery.  These have been put away and will be great stocking fillers at Christmas.  I can't go into too much detail here, as she has been known to read my blog sometimes, but I think she will like them as she is makeup and jewellery mad at the moment. 

So, it was well worth a visit and I found some pretty good bargains for myself and my daughter, most of which will definitely get used, for £12 or thereabouts in total.

Have you ever been to a Boots Clearance Outlet?  Have you found any bargains there?


  1. No I've never been to a Boots clearance outlet ! Great bargains there.
    I always keep the little shampoo & body wash bottles if I've been in a hotel. They are so useful for overnight stays and like the other day when I'd run out of shampoo !

    1. I like doing that too and using them as guest soaps and things if people come to stay or to take swimming.