Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Bedroom Blitz

On my 'To Do' list for May is the decluttering of our bedroom, which has been the resting place for not just us of late, but lots of clutter from other parts of the house.  Well, enough is enough, I need to get the space back to being a restful one again and began the quest a few weeks ago. 

After having already reorganised my wardrobe and clothes drawers last month in time for spring, I have continued by rearranging some of the shelves on my side of the bed and putting most of the winter clothes away on top of the wardrobe.   I have also sorted through the blanket box and removed any items that could be stored elsewhere.  We have also changed over the bed base and got rid of the previous one plus one that was stored underneath it which has meant we have much more room under the bed to store anything that we need to.  So we have made some small inroads but there remains a lot to do.  Here are a couple of photos to give you some idea of  some of the clutter spots that need addressing.  There are a couple more hotspots for decluttering too which aren't pictured.  (Please excuse the dust visible.)

The top photo shows the shelves on my partner's side of the bed.  I need him to have a good look through and hopefully remove some things to his office so that they look a lot less cluttered and untidy.  The majority of this pile here on my side of the room in the bottom photo is made up of various clothes and toys that either need selling on ebay or putting away into a winter clothing/shoes bag until later in the year.  There is also some paperwork that needs sifting through and a new home found for it. 

There are books on the bookshelves and in the bookcase that need a thorough sorting through.  Many have yet to be read, but some have been read and won't be read again or have somehow lost their appeal and will probably never be read and so they will be sent to the charity shop once sorted.  I also have baskets full of photographs which badly need sorting out.  Some I may put into frames as I must admit that I haven't changed some of the family photos in our living room for quite a few years now.   I also have frames that I have yet to use and albums which I need to collate.  I may have to save this particular job for another month.

The whole of the bedroom needs a good clean too, with all the furniture being pulled out and skirtings wiped down and floors hoovered and mopped.  It is incredibly dusty in parts.  On changing over the bed the floor underneath and the skirting behind has been cleaned but there is still a lot of furniture to be pulled out and cleaned behind.  As it is coming to that time of year when my and my partner's hayfever starts to kick in, this will also be helpful to reduce both of our symptoms.

Another job I need to do is to take control of some of my 'collections' of costume jewellery, and other things, or at least find a way of storing them that takes up as little space as possible, collects as little dust as possible and doesn't look too cluttered.

At the moment I'm also currently contemplating a new storage solution for the perfumes, cosmetics and other beauty products that I use on a daily basis.  I would like to have them all together in one place, where they are easily accessible, but look tidy and organised.  I'm considering the idea of some sort of beauty trolley under the mirror or at least a small table with baskets containing the products I use regularly.  I'm still considering the solution to this but will post my solution when I manage to figure it out.

Finally, we also need to resolve the lighting in the bedroom.  For a long time now we've wanted reading lights by the bed, but have never got around to finding and fitting any we like, so this will be the perfect opportunity to do that and co-ordinate lighting by finding a new matching lampshade for the main ceiling light too as my partner has never liked the current one.

There's plenty to be getting on with and plenty to think about too, so I better get on and get doing.  I'm looking forward to reclaiming this last space in our house, and finally feeling like we have got our home back the way we want it.   I'll post pictures as I go along as the different parts of the room are resolved.  Do you have any problem rooms that need tackling or redecorating?

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