Friday, 17 May 2013

Cycling Along the Canal

In order to get to my allotment, I have to cycle along a canal path.  I love this cycle ride as I love to look at the canal boats moored along the canal.  On a sunny day it seems a wonderful place to live.  All compact and bijou.  Some of them even open up their boats as book shops or cafes during the summer months.

On the way back from my allotment the other week, I had a bit of time to kill so I took a few photos.  This is the marina where many boats are moored and quite a lot of people seem to live on their boats.

I took my bike over a little bridge onto the other side of the canal to cycle alongside the Nature Reserve.
The large blue building is the Kayak Club clubhouse.  Nearby (within 10 minutes walking) there is also a couple of pubs, a rowing club, an adventure playground, two large parks with three different lots of tennis courts, rugby pitch and club, cricket pitches, Ice skating rink, horse riding stables, cafes, golf range and a couple of allotment sites.

We are very lucky where we live, to have such wonderful open spaces and facilities only a short walking distance from our house.  Although we live just a few miles from central London, you would never think so when you are out here along the canal. Part of this marsh was used for training facilities for the Olympics, with temporary buildings put up here, but it has now been restored to its original state thankfully.

These spaces are so precious to local residents and are of course fantastic for walking the dog.  Our puppy loves nothing better than gamboling around in the grassy marshland chasing after her ball and checking out the other dogs.

More narrowboats moored along the canalside as you approach the footbridge back over the canal.  I love the way their owners make little gardens on their roofs.  I admire their resourcefulness and the simplicity of their existence.

There were some swans gliding around in the canal and one preening itself in the background as I came past.

There were another half a dozen swans just out of frame.  Two of them, believe it or not, were making a heart shape with their necks as they canoodled.  Several people were trying to get a snap of them doing it.  It was amazing. 

Who says life in London is grim and overcrowded?


  1. There is something so romantic about a narrow boat.
    What a beautiful area.

    My niece's wedding invitation had a drawing of two swans making a heart shape and while trawling the internet to find a B & B to take my mum to, saw towels shaped like two loving swans !

    1. It was a really bizarre thing to see as I didn't actually think that they did that in reality, but they do. I think I might have got in the way of a few photos as I cycled past though. Oh well, never mind!