Friday, 15 February 2013

Workroom Update

The workroom/spare bedroom is nearing completion and I'm getting very excited.  So much so that I treated myself to a new worklamp the other day.  I've promised myself one of these since I saw a similar one in the John Lewis Sale over Christmas.  The only problem was it was £68 in the sale, so I held off.  I'm glad I did, because I saw this one in B&Q for £30 and couldn't resist it.  I felt a bit pressured as it was the only one left in this colour, which I really liked, so I took the plunge and bought it.  I don't regret it though.  I had one of these lamps many years ago and I think I took it to the charity shop or sold it at a car boot when I upped and moved to London.  I've regretted it in recent years.

Back to the workroom, the feature wall colour has been chosen, bought and applied and the other walls, skirting boards and fireplace have now been refreshed.  The eggshelling of the shelves is all that is left to do before we can put the room back together and hang the new blind and lampshade, bought yesterday for £18, for both.   I also bought four plastic storage boxes for £10, to house all my fabrics on the shelves, so I spent last night sorting through them all and filling the boxes so they are all ready to go into the room.

I have also continued  restoring the woven storage bin and now just have to cover it with a fabric, when I can decide which one to use and get my other half to apply the hinges for me.  I can't say it is a supremely professional job, but I think it looks okay considering it has cost so little.   I'm hoping the room will be light and fresh and inspiring so that it will help me to feel creative again, as I have got out of the habit of doing much sewing for quite a while now.  Having said that, I did do a bit of mending the other night, if that counts.

Talking of light and fresh, I bought my first bunch of flowers this year, the other day, and I think they look beautiful in this red enamel coffee pot.  Daffodils, simple but effective.  It feels like spring is on it's way now.  There was even a bit of sunshine and blue sky yesterday!


  1. I think your lamp is perfect. My daughter has a cream one. We had one of these when we were young - orange I think.

    A friend of mine always buys a bunch of daffodils after Christmas to cheer the house up after the decorations are down.

  2. Thanks for your comments Penny. I'm so pleased you had a lovely birthday.