Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sew More So Good

Well, it seems to have been an age since I made any clothes myself at home.  Almost a year I would say.  What with building work going on in the house, the Olympics, holidays and redecorating rooms in our house, I just haven't really found the time, space or inspiration lately.

The other day though, I was looking through a case full of spring/summer clothes, put away since last year  and I realised that I really don't have many nice things to wear this spring/summer.  There were a few old faithful items, that I keep on wearing year after year, that I can't actually bear to part with and a few items that I really don't know if I want to wear again this year, so they may get sent to the charity shop.  Other than that, there are some clothes in my wardrobe that I can wear in any season, but overall the situation was pretty dire really and I don't have an awful lot of money to go out and buy lots of new things.

Spurred on by the severity of the situation, and the fact that the workroom has now been finished, I had no excuse not to get on with a spot of dressmaking, so I finally put scissors to fabric and started a new project, by cutting out the pieces for a lovely spring Paisley print skirt.  I intended to make this last year when paisley was hot on the catwalk but never got around to it,  hopefully though, I'll still get away with it this season.

The skirt itself is from a pattern I have used quite a few times using different fabrics, a simple A-line skirt, but it is quite flattering on and easy to wear, and I really wanted to use this fabric as I've had it a while.  It is a thickish stretch polycotton and it has a lovely bright white background with a colourful large paisley print all over it.

A few hours later and I had at least one new item for my summer wardrobe.  Now, I just have to decide which pattern and fabric to use for the next project.  Wish me luck!

Here's a photo of the finished skirt. I'm quite looking forward to wearing it.


  1. Oh how gorgeous - I would wear that skirt ! My mum made a lot of her clothes when she was young including her own simple but stylish wedding dress. I'm no good at sewing but at college used to enjoy putting quirky charity shop outfits together mixing vintage with modern.

    Diffuser post coming up next - thanks for asking.

    Thx for sorting out the word verification - I find them so hard to read ( need stronger reading glasses ! )

  2. Thanks, I'm looking forward to your diffuser post.