Friday, 22 February 2013

Charity Shop Tales 3

My latest charity shop trawl occurred when we spent a few days away this week on a little half-term holiday.  On one of the days, we ventured to Bexhill on Sea and Hastings and whilst there, I was able to have a little browse around a few charity/second hand shops.  I didn't spend an awful lot of money.  Perhaps £12 or so, but I enjoyed myself in the process.

In the first shop in Bexhill, where we stopped off for some lunch, I bought this lovely picture of The Sacre Coeur in Paris for £1.50.  I think it is similar in style to the Paris picture I have hung on the wall of my new workroom, so it will most probably be hung in there too.  From the same shop I also bought this vintage collander which was £1.

Later, on the way back, we stopped off in Hastings.  We have been here before on a couple of occasions, and I remembered enjoying some of the lovely antique and bric a brac shops in the Old part of town. Whilst my partner checked out the new Jerwood Art Gallery,  I paid one of them a return visit, it was aptly called Ron's Rummage and was a wonderful old shop that you could spend hours rummaging around in.  Unfortunately, I didn't have long as my daughter was outside with the puppy, so I just bought a few lovely items at very reasonable prices.  I bought this red/black lacquer-type tray for £1.65, two pairs of plastic knitting needles for 50 pence, a vintage tile, which I intend to back with felt and use as a pot stand or coaster on my desk for £4, a pretty wooden blotter for £2, a Royal Mail Mint Stamp set of 20th Century Women of Achievement for £1, a couple of sewing needle cases and a knitting gauge for £1.

I must admit that the things I tend to purchase these days tend to be either pretty small or very practical, so as not to clutter up the house any more than necessary.  I  have several ongoing collections of small items which I add to, such as stamps, knitting needles and gauges, sewing paraphernalia, etc.  Such items take up little room in the house, but allow me to indulge myself occasionally.

Earlier in the day, I had strolled around the streets of Hastings with the puppy, whilst my partner and daughter played crazy golf.   I had a giggle to myself when I saw this sign in a shop window, so I just had to take a photo and share it.  Quite a thought for the day!


  1. Lovely finds especially the dainty blotter.
    While endeavouring to de clutter a bit I still bring things home from the charity shop - this week a lovely bottle in which I have put scented oil & sticks to make my own diffuser.

  2. I know, it is so hard to resist the urge to have a look around and invariably I do end up buying something. It just seems so much more satisfying than spending much more money buying new 'stuff'. Ideally I just need to stop spending anything at all. I'm working on it. I like your idea for making your own diffusers. Sounds great.