Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Workroom Reveal

Well, it is finally finished and I am thrilled.  At last a space in the house for me, to breathe, make, house all my bits and pieces and feel creative inspiration.  I just need to get on and do some creating now.

It is a little later being finished than planned, as guests who were supposed to be visiting this weekend, couldn't make it, so the deadline got put back a week (we have a family visitor next weekend).  As a consequence, we took our time and didn't push ourselves too hard to get on with it.  I must admit though, that I am very happy with the outcome.  As you can see from the photographs, almost all my fabrics are now housed neatly in storage boxes (to prevent fading) in the one room, as are my sewing/crafting books and other materials, so they are very easy to access whenever I get a creative urge.  I have a desk at which to sew, think, do accounts and work on the computer, with the sewing machine and overlocker neatly packed underneath and basic materials and accessories on the shelves in front.

This picture is taken at night with the work lamp and floral fairy lights on, followed by daylight pictures.  The room is lovely and bright in the daytime when the sun comes flooding in.  These photos don't really do this justice.


The wicker storage box turned out quite nice in the end and now houses my wool fabrics.  It still needs a bit of braid around the edges of the lid but I'm happy with the result.  I used a vintage cotton fabric I've had for a while, that I was waiting to find the right project for.

There's a bit of a Lost and Found/French theme going on on the mantel piece.  My daughter no longer wanted the Barbie doll, but I thought she was so pretty and remembered her dad buying it for her on a business trip to Germany, so I didn't want to give her away. She now has pride of place.  The Tour cyclists I bought for my other half on a trip to France, but he didn't really want them in his new businesslike office, so they are forming a pelaton here under a picture of Paris and next to a pretty floral calendar I bought for a few euros in France on our last visit. (More in another post).  Even the floral twinkly lights bought a few years ago for my daughter's birthday party, were left languishing unused in the back of a cupboard, so I thought I'd get them out so that they could add a bit of sparkle to the room.

Betty the dressmaker's/shop dummy (see previous post on this subject) has taken up her preferred spot, to the side of the fireplace, and is in a particularly patriotic mood today for the grand reveal, wearing a corsage I made but never actually got around to wearing myself.  She has a good view of all the comings and goings from there.

The costs in renovating the room were minimal.  Approximately £50 on paint, £25 on storage and soft furnishings, plus the cost of the blind when I find one the right size.  Pretty thrifty in my opinion and worth every penny.

There are a few minor details still to be attended to such as to find a blind or curtain and a waste bin, but I think I can manage for now without either.  We may have to just hang some fabric or a curtain up at the window for our visitor, but with all the boxes of fabric in the room it shouldn't be a problem to find some!  Other than that and a bit of touching up in various places and a repaint of the black of fire surround at some point, it is done and I can now start to enjoy it.  I guess I will now need to reveal the things I make.  No pressure there then.

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  1. Your sewing room is delightful - you must be so pleased with it.