Thursday, 14 February 2013

More Freecycle Adventures

Once again, on the way home from the school run yesterday, and outside the same house as before, I found this Lloyd Loom-type storage box and promptly brought it home with me, much to the embarrasment of my daughter, who ran off ahead pretending I was nothing to do with her!  (Thanks again to the householders for your generosity).

As you can see from the photos, it's condition is a little worse for wear, but I think I can do something with it and turn it into some useful storage for the workroom/spare bedroom.

The lid has seen much better days and had two layers of vintage fabric covering some old wool wadding.  Some of the beading was missing and the wooden lid looks like it might need replacing, but I might be able to reuse it if I'm careful with it.  The inside, however, looks pretty solid and clean, so a coat of paint or two and I'm sure it will look great.

A bit of paint, some new or the old wadding, a piece of fabric and a length of beading and I should be able to make it like new.  I set to straight away and gave it a coat of pale grey paint.  (I know grey again, but I do like it).  It's starting to look better already.  I'll post later with a picture of the finished article.

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