Wednesday, 27 February 2013

On Your Bike

I got back on my bicycle yesterday, for the first time in months.  It was a case of having to really, as my other half needed the car for an appointment, and I had to go to another part of the borough for a doctor's appointment.  It was the best option, so out came the bike.

I was a bit reluctant secretly, but once I got going I really enjoyed myself and got to the doctor's in super quick time without having to struggle to find a parking space.  It got me thinking that I should take my bike out more often and ride to the gym, but probably not until the weather gets a bit better. 

Yes, I'm afraid I'm one of those fair weather cyclist types.  Sad I know but it's a six mile round trip to the gym and I'm afraid that I don't want to be soaking wet through before I get there, as well as soaking wet with sweat when I leave.  Most of the journey to the gym is along canal paths or through the park, which isn't too bad.  I am a bit nervous cycling on the road, but I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing, as it makes you more cautious and careful.  Being a car driver too, makes me extra cautious and aware of dangers.  I never assume a car driver has seen me and is going to do what you might think they are.  I also do not cycle through red lights and try to cycle according to the highway code.

I have on occasion, been known to do my weekly shop on the bike, using two panniers to carry as much as I can.  Invariably, however, I tend to buy too much to fit in the panniers and then struggle home trying to balance a bag on the handle bars too, which is never a good idea.  (Don't try this at home!)  I don't tend to go too far from home on my bike though, and mainly stay around the East End, where I live.  I admire those who brave cycling in the City or Central London, but it is not for me, as the traffic is just too off putting.

When I think about it, (probably best not to) I probably don't look that dignified as I'm cycling around, but I'm not too worried.  Here in London, cycling is so popular that you are more likely to be considered strange if you don't cycle about town.  My main reason for doing so, is that it is great to get out and about in the fresh air, not hanging around waiting for or couped up on trains or buses, and the added bonus is that my thighs and bottom always get much firmer and more toned when I cycle regularly.  It is a very frugal mode of transport too, as it doesn't cost a penny, so what better way to get from A to B and  get in shape at the same time.  I just wish I had the stamina to stick to it all year round and not just in the warmer months.


  1. I haven't been on my bike for years - there was a time we all cycled as a family. Joe rides to the gym through the woods & comes home covered in mud !

    You've made me think about digging mine out again.

  2. PS did you realise that you have word verification on your leave a comment ? It's easy to take off by going into settings - if you want.