Monday, 18 February 2013

A Quick Trip to B & Q

Yesterday afternoon, I had to make a quick visit to B&Q to return the blind I bought the other day as it was too wide.  I got a refund and then just had to look for another small item, which in the end was out of stock.  On my way out, I happened upon some clip frames on sale for 20p each and a white stand up picture frame for 20p too.  I'm afraid I indulged and bought the lot.  Four clip frames and 1 other frame for £1.  A complete bargain, I just couldn't argue with that. 

After my brief visit to B&Q, I had to pop across to Asda for a few bits and pieces and ended up buying a couple more storage boxes for my fabrics.  When I got back I sorted through some more and easily filled them.  It suddenly occurred to me that I have a completely ridiculous amount, and that perhaps I should think about letting go of some or at least using some of it. You will see what I am talking about when I reveal the new workroom and you can see how many boxes of fabric are in there on the shelves.  I have, however, almost totally curbed my habit of buying more fabric towards my collection, which is a very good thing indeed in the circumstances. 

Perhaps, a change of soft furnishings is required, or some serious gift crafting necessary to lighten the load.  I do tend to make most of my own cushion covers and have been known to make them and give them away as gifts.  I just couldn't bear to pay £25 or even £50 for a cushion that I could run up in minutes for few pounds.  Maybe some new table runners would be nice, especially for the living and dining rooms,  a nice fabric covered pinboard or a cushion cover for the puppy's travel cage.  More new clothes are always welcome too, especially with Spring around the corner. Well, that's a few ideas to be getting on with for now. Watch this space.

Just by way of an update, here's what I did with the clipframes.  Two I used for my daughter's Monster High Photocards to add a bit more interest to her room. 

The other two I used to display a couple of postcards that I really like.  One is 3 Indian children or deities, not sure which, which was sent to me when I made a purchase from a company on eBay, and which has been on my fridge door ever since as I just love the cute figures and the bright colours.  The second is this really sweet vintage postcard I picked up in a car boot sale up north before Christmas.  It is a little boy in a uniform with a bunch of pink roses and the words:

Many Happy Returns

I do not wish thee wealth alone,
For wealth may pass away;
But I hope that every happiness
Will greet your Natal day.

I've never heard it called that before, but it does date from 1912!

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